Bricktown boogie 

Here are the keys to enjoying a burger:

1. Don’t put too much crap on it.
2. Eat it.

That’s it. I mean, yes, there are burgers piled high with fixings that will blow your mind. But generally, less is more.

Which is part of why Bricktown Burgers (300 E. Main St.) is so good. It will do more, if you want. It will more you into the ground. But it also knows the virtue of cooking a burger with accoutrements that enhance, rather than hide, what you’re eating.

When going to Bricktown
Burgers, the first job is to remember quarters. This is Bricktown, guys;
parking isn’t free. Bring change.

The second job is to decide if you want a burger (yes), a frankfurter (also yes) or a sandwich (you get the idea...) for lunch.

menu standout is the onion burger, a concoction from the grill
including fried onions and freshly seasoned beef placed between tasty
buns. The original comes with pickles; the deluxe has lettuce and tomato
(both $4.35). Cheese? That’s between you and your god. It’ll cost 55
cents for American or 75 cents for Swiss.

Maybe add a little mustard.

And that’s as much as you should probably do to the burger to really
enjoy it. Bricktown Burgers cooks them right: done, but not dry. It’s
simple, but it tastes so good.

Can you put more on it? Yeah.

But the Eidson Burger ($5.50), which adds ham and Swiss, won’t taste like a burger. It will taste like a heavy ham-and-cheese sandwich. I can’t blame you for trying it. I like ham-and-cheese sandwiches, too.

In fact, if you really want a ham-and-cheese sandwich, it has one on the menu ($4.95).

you order a frankfurter, be prepared for something more intense than a
usual hot dog. Bricktown Burgers slices its dogs lengthwise, opening up
the the sausage so it can then be grilled.

does that do? It sizzles some of that fat and adds a ton of flavor.
It’s $4.35 for a frank with pickles and onions, $5.50 for the one that
adds chili and cheese to the mix. Either are good, but if you really
want to taste the way the griddle fries a hot dog, I’d forgo the chili.

Do you want a burger without onions? Shame on you! Yeah, it’ll give you a burger without onions. Not everybody likes flavor.

City has no dearth of great burger joints. But if you’re in Bricktown
and want to get away from sports bars and wine bars and sushi bars and
bar bars, Bricktown Burgers serves up a simple, honest burger. And the
fries aren’t bad either.

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