The increase in celebrity has not shifted Lindsey’s focus. He said he’s pleased with the feedback he has heard for “Fantasy Boys.” 

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Broncho invites the world into its latest fantasy, and it’s a spicy one.

The Norman rock act fronted by Ryan Lindsey turned state and national heads recently when its latest single, “Fantasy Boys,” was released in conjunction with an announcement that a new album, Double Vanity, drops May 27.

With lines like “I want to eat you up,” Lindsey’s lyrics are as titillating as they’ve ever been. Yet it’s more sexy than sexual, and it’s sweet. This is the type of song some might have attempted to slow dance to with a prom date.

Lindsey delved more into his band’s new single and the direction it took on the forthcoming project during a recent Oklahoma Gazette interview.

Double Vanity follows the 2014 release Just Enough Hip to Be Woman. The project, backed by songs like “Class Historian” and “It’s On,” helped elevate Broncho within the national music scene. The act’s music has been used in the soundtrack for Movie 43 and on the HBO series Girls.

The increase in celebrity has not shifted Lindsey’s focus. He said he’s pleased with the feedback he has heard for “Fantasy Boys.”

“All my friends seem to like it, so that makes me feel good,” he said.

“Fantasy Boys” nods heavily toward ’80s aesthetics. Heck, Molly Ringwald would probably really like this song. Lindsey said that flavor reflects the slow-jam era he grew up in. More now than ever, he said he has noticed that influence popping up as he writes songs.

“I’m definitely in that period ... where I’m going back to stuff I really loved as a kid,” he said. “The last record started moving that way, and this record, I think, is even more so.”

Lindsey said Broncho chose to release “Fantasy Boys” first because it best represents the type of statement the band makes on Double Vanity.

“The whole record’s not like that song, but it’s a good change from the last record,” he said. “I think it’s a good introduction to what’s on the next record.”

Even keel

At this point in his life, Lindsey just wants to chill. He had song concepts written at a slower pace, and he kept wanting to make them even slower.

Lindsey realized he has come to appreciate more relaxed party settings and wants to create music that makes sense in those environments. He admitted to having a bit of a split personality and feels as comfortable resting against a wall on the outskirts of a gathering as he does being the focal point of a large party.

“I can be super social, and I can also be into taking things down a notch,” he said. “I think through our records, both personalities have come out.”

Double Vanity is a musical evolution from Broncho’s last effort, Lindsey said. The band is always looking for ways to take on music from new angles.

“I always had a general idea in my head of every record progressing and being able to get away with more and doing something different,” he said. “That was always the plan; to not put out the same record.”

While the act seeks new sonic territory, Lindsey said it’s not something he ever wants to force. The music should grow naturally while Broncho moves toward its future.

“Who knows? Maybe the next move will be not to progress,” he said. “Maybe that’s the next thing.”

New chapter

There undoubtedly will be more eyes and ears focused on the band when it releases Double Vanity. Broncho still enjoys the commercial attention and success of Just Enough Hip to Be Woman. Lindsey said he hasn’t stopped to think much about that increased exposure, but he does like the idea of larger audiences. As an artist, he wants as many people as possible to be exposed to his work.

Many critics are calling for Double Vanity to be a more refined product. The fear seems to be that the band might not have the versatility to offer more than a strong single, though the decidedly more down-tempo “Fantasy Boys” is an early indicator of the act’s stylistic range.

The follow-up is not something for Lindsey or his bandmates to stress about, regardless of outside pressures or perceptions. The material for the new album quickly came together in September. Broncho took a month off from touring to further develop some of its pre-existing concepts.

Lindsey’s original idea was for a fast turnaround following Just Enough Hip, but momentum for the album crescendoed toward the end of its tour cycle. The band moved ahead with its follow-up project anyway.

“We went ahead and did a new record because I wanted it to come out pretty quick,” Lindsey said. “That was the main thing. I just wanted to get something out before this summer.”

Broncho begins its U.S. tour for Double Vanity in late May. The band had plans to open May 3 for Cage the Elephant and Portugal. The Man at Chesapeake Energy Arena, but that tour stop was canceled by the headliners.

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Print headline: Horse play, Broncho uses a sensual single to launch its new album cycle.

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