Broncho's Ryan Lindsey talks with Oklahoma Gazette about The Jones Assembly, summer jams and touring with Queens of the Stone Age 

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Okie indie rockers Broncho returned to the world of new releases just in time for the summer.

The dream pop-punk quintet featuring guitarist and vocalist Ryan Lindsey, guitarist Ben King, bassist Penny Pitchlynn and drummer Nathan Price released the energetic, road trip-ready single “Get in My Car” last month.

The song is the band’s first from a forthcoming, in-progress album the group hopes to release sooner rather than later.

In style, the up-tempo “Get in My Car” contrasts Broncho’s 2016 album Double Vanity, which was more methodically paced.

Broncho will likely perform the song  during the Summer Fling show 10 p.m. Aug. 10 at The Jones Assembly, 901 W. Sheridan Ave. Oklahoma-founded and Nashville-based rock quartet Twiggs also will perform.

Oklahoma Gazette recently spoke with Lindsey about the upcoming gig, new music and the band’s European tour with Queens of the Stone Age.

Oklahoma Gazette: Have you had a chance to check out The Jones Assembly?

Ryan Lindsey: I went over there and looked at it with Graham Colton. He showed me the whole place. It looks great. It’s really big, too.

OKG: It’s definitely different from other OKC-area venues.

Lindsey: Yeah; it’s the nicest spot in OKC for sure, which is good. I feel like it changed the landscape just like that.

OKG: What is the ideal venue to perform in, in your opinion?

Lindsey: I go back and forth. There are periods of time I really like playing the smallest room in town, but then there are times where playing a really big room on a really big stage just totally makes sense.

It’s fun to be able to maneuver in and out of those worlds — between big rooms and small rooms — and solving the problem of figuring out how you make sense in each of those places.

OKG: Where is it easiest to put on a show?

Lindsey: I think the tighter the room, the less space people have, the better. That’s the easiest place for a show to begin — the more claustrophobic, the better. … That’s probably the best-case scenario.

On this last tour, we played some really small, packed places. …  Nobody could move anywhere; they just have to stay right there.

OKG: The new single “Get In My Car” has a classic summer vibe to it. Is that what you wrote it for, or did it just happen to be released in the summer?

Lindsey: We’re working on a new record right now, and that was really the first song we completed off of it.

Rather than thinking of a plan where you have the record ready and you release a song or whatever, we just figured we should release it and figure out the record later.

So now we’re working on the record, and I like it that way.

OKG: It probably feels liberating to work outside of a rigid plan.

Lindsey: Yeah. Definitely.

OKG: What do you think makes a perfect summer song?

Lindsey: I think tempo, but I could go either way. Some slow songs are really great summer songs, like night-time songs.

I think the slower the song, the more reverb it needs. And then the less reverb, the more tempo you need, but nothing too crazy. [The Bee Gees’] “Stayin’ Alive” is 104 bpm (beats per minute) and it keeps your heart going.

OKG: Will the other songs on this album be similarly upbeat like “Get In My Car?”

Lindsey: It’s hard to say yet exactly how close it would resemble this song. But it is more up-tempo than the last record. It probably lives somewhere in that world.

I think all of our songs are all different in their own way. ... But, tempo-wise, I think this record will be more along the lines of “Get In My Car.”

OKG: When you go back and look at your previous records, is it easy for you to pick out your mindset at the time of creating them?

Lindsey: I try to avoid past records, but randomly, I will hear them and be like, “Oh, this makes sense.” And when that does happen, it makes me feel good about past choices.

Even now, I try to do something and let it go. There are times I will go back and hear it and it will be a good, pleasant surprise, like I made good choices. Then there are some times where it’s like who knows. …

I try to just look forward without doing too much past research.

OKG: You recently announced your tour with Queens of the Stone Age (QofSA) in Europe.

Lindsey: Yeah; I’m really excited about that. It’s going to be the best. I think [the tour] is going to be, like, three weeks.

OKG: How did that tour get set up?

Lindsey: I met [Queens of the Stone Age singer, musician and songwriter Josh Homme] through JD McPherson and we hit it off.

When I first met him, he was talking about wanting to tour at some point, and then when it turned out to be a European tour, I was like, “I love touring Europe.” And to do it on that scale will be the best.

OKG: You said you were working on the new album, but it doesn’t sound like you have a target release date for that yet.

Lindsey: We don’t have a date, but we want to do it as quick as we can, you know? … It would be nice to just keep putting stuff out.

Print headline: Sunny season, Broncho single “Get in My Car” primes the Norman band for its new album and lineup change, says frontman Ryan Lindsey.

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