Bruce Lee: The Legacy Collection 

Yet those were DVDs — and no-frills editions at that — whereas the new Legacy Collection is filled primarily with Blu-rays and loads of extras — about as many as the Boss is Big.

Having just reviewed The Big Boss, Fist of Fury, The Way of the Dragon and Game of Death, I won't rehash those here. Instead, let's focus on whether this set translates into a purchase, because with an MSRP a hair above a full Benjamin, your potential investment is worth exploring. 

First off, you'll notice its 11 discs come housed in a big, bright book, coffee-table ready. Each disc is packed snugly within the first several pages — and I do mean snugly; pull hard and expect to get fingerprints all over them. The four films not only merit their own disc, but their own secondary disc of interviews, trailers and assorted material. 

A ninth disc brings two documentaries as similar as their titles: 1973's Bruce Lee: The Man, the Legend 1977's Bruce Lee: The Legend. There's some real repetition at work, but both remain reverent without fully stepping into Bruceploitation territory.  

In my set, disc 10 (the feature-length documentary I Am Bruce Lee) actually held the contents of disc 11 (marked "Bonus Features"), and vice versa. This is not really a problem since all the content is here, but it threw me for a second. The "Bonus Features" disc is not kidding around; its menu puts no fewer than nine offerings at your fingertips, from "Game of Death Revised" (sic) to "Still Galleries." The interviews within are lengthy and of more appeal to martial artists than moviegoers. "Return of the Dragon in 60 Seconds" is a lot of fun, and exactly what it sounds like. —Rod Lott

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