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I suggest we create an award for the media outlet that best typifies a modern day change agent, working to change the morality of Oklahomans. Perhaps this year we should call it the Joseph Goebbels Propaganda Award for Sodomy.

First, the Oklahoma Gazette (I pronounce it the "Gay-zette") for the Nov. 17 cover story titled: "Modern Oklahoma family: Nontraditional is becoming more traditional." The front cover features one prominent white guy, his white partner and two young black children that one of these homosexuals has adopted. Mixed racial adoptions is not an issue with me or most Oklahomans; it certainly is not a sin in God's eyes. The problem is with the homosexual issue.

"While the picture portrays the two men and two young boys as very happy and well balanced, I am of the opinion that these two children are being raised with a warped view of right and wrong, and no matter how much they may be loved or cared for by these two men, it will never find acceptance by Christians who hold to biblical standards. Government at various levels may someday, with the propaganda help of publications such as the Gazette, make marriage legal. Government has already made it legal for a homosexual to adopt, but this will never be accepted by God as anything other than sin, nor will it ever be acceptable to biblical Christians.

"May I suggest picking up a copy and read the article for yourselves to help you cast your vote. Then bring your copy of the Gazette to the Oklahoma Conservative Political Action Committee meeting when you are finished with it, as I will deliver your used copies to a paper bin that sells paper to help fund a Christian school that teaches a proper understanding of families."

"OCPAC founder Charlie Meadows, announcing two nominees via his organization's blog 

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