Cham wow 

You’ve got juices and glasses. You’ve got friends. But the one thing absolutely necessary, and absent, is the champagne.

Thanks to arguably antiquated liquor laws in our great state, the sabbath remains a day of rest here for liquor stores, so the bubbly stays out of your hands.

If only there were a way to prepare so the extreme sadness of a champagne-free day could be avoided.

Sure, you could go to brunch somewhere. But sometimes it’s nice to enjoy a home patio (or air-conditioned living room), wearing whatever you want, sipping on a mimosa.

Let this serve as your reminder to stock up! Set the alarm on your smartphone. Write it on a sticky note. Jot it down on your to-do list. Don’t suffer the fate of a booze-less Sunday.

While you’re stocking up, consider the long-term needs of an at-home liquor cabinet. Did you know that most places offer a generous discount if you buy in bulk? That’s right: Case discounts are a very real thing.

Sam’s Warehouse Liquor (2933 N.W. 63rd; 810-9111) offers a 10-percent discount when purchasing a case.

That’s 12 bottles of your choice of champagne (or whatever else necessary for bulk-buying), and feel free to mix and match.

If mimosas are your main concern — they are mine, in case that wasn’t becoming evident — buying a pricey champagne should be low priority. Consider brands that essentially are made for mixing with juice. You’ll save a ton of money and have a little extra to put toward that nice bottle for special occasions.

Another shop to consider is Sean’s Wine & Spirits (8337 N. Rockwell; 728-7300). It recently moved
across the street and is reopened for business. You’ll get 10 percent
off a case here, too. Even better, every Tuesday, you’ll receive 20
percent off all regular-priced wines.

For a ginormous selection, and if you plan to possibly purchase more than one case, consider Byron’s Liquor Warehouse (2322 N. Broadway; 525- 2158). A staple of the metro since 1959, Byron’s knows how serious the business of booze can be.

The store already boasts having among the lowest prices in town, and on top of that, it’ll give you up to 6.5 percent off each case. Cases can be mixed and matched as long as the bottles are the same size and not on sale.

So, there you have it. No more whining about not having champagne on Sunday. Get yourself a case and enjoy your fun day. Let’s shop, OKC!

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