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There’s a meme that pops up on social media every so often that reads something to the effect of “Zero days since a national embarrassment in the state of Oklahoma.”

This image once again reared its regrettable head recently after Oklahoma’s highest criminal appellate court upheld the dismissal of an oral sodomy rape case, stating the state’s forced oral sodomy law, as it’s written, doesn’t include the victim’s intoxication or unconsciousness “in the five very specific requirements for the commission of the crime of forcible sodomy,” the court wrote.

What?! So, it’s not rape if the victim can’t say no? Not exactly, but the headline was too scandalous not to spread.

Oklahoma law does consider it rape if the victim is too intoxicated to resist vaginal or anal penetration. What the appellate court pointed out is that the forcible sodomy law, however, did not include the requirement. In other words, to keep future cases from being dismissed (and the dismissal upheld) like this one, the law needed to be changed.

The good news is as the confusion and anger about the decision went viral, Oklahoma lawmakers quickly stepped in to close the gap and correct the law’s oversight. Oklahoma legislators, led by state Rep. Scott Biggs, R-Chickasha, crafted a fix that is swiftly making its way through committee approval. It then must clear both the House and the Senate and be signed by Gov. Mary Fallin before the forcible sodomy law is officially updated.

This year’s legislative session ends May 27. A fix might not keep that “zero days” meme from popping up time and again about all the other silly crap Oklahoma does, but at least it might come down for a day.

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