Chicken-Fried News: Bricktown bounty 


Bricktown is going dry for the first time since 2012.

There will still be beer, wine and liquor aplenty — it’s Bricktown, after all — but Oklahoma City Parks & Recreation Department began draining Bricktown Canal Jan. 17.

The one-mile stretch of water runs from west of Zio’s Italian Kitchen, 12 E. California Ave., to the southeast, where it ends just shy of the Oklahoma River.

It hasn’t been cleaned since January 2012.

If that seems like a long time, then we’ll tell you the canal can hold about 3 million gallons of water. Parks Department personnel are using tractors and fire hoses to remove silt and refuse that has collected at the bottom over the last five years.

“It’s remarkable the amount of debris that can accumulate in a few short years, not to mention the interesting items dropped into the canal by visitors to the Bricktown area,” parks director Doug Kupper said in a press release.

No doubt there’s a thick layer of Oklahoma red dirt lining the bottom of the canal, but we’re all wondering what else might be found.

Place your bets, folks. What lurks beneath the canal, waiting to be disinterred?

A) Hundreds of Kevin Durant jerseys abandoned by former fans?

B) The fabled lost treasure of Spaghetti Warehouse?

C) What at first looks like a corpse but turns out to be a bunch of Sonic corndog sticks?

D) Ole Bricky, the catfish that grants wishes?

Don’t fret, lovebirds! The canal should be repaired, refilled and flowing again by Valentine’s Day, because nothing says romance like a leisurely boat ride along the hygienic Bricktown Canal.

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