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“Stop crying, cry babies!” was, in essence, the message sent by Oklahoma Wesleyan University (OWU) President Everett Piper to students, faculty and the world at large in a recent post to the university’s website titled “This is Not a Day Care. It’s a University.”

Prompted by those mean young adults at the University of Missouri who got their school’s president canned, Piper went on the offensive with an anecdote about a student who “actually” approached him to complain about a service. He actually did it! He approached him! With a complaint!

Well, clutch the pearls, President Piper! We at Chicken-Fried News sympathize with the poor, poor administrator who was victimized by this student who said he felt victimized by a mandatory school chapel service sermon.

TRIGGER WARNING! President Piper does not believe in trigger warnings. Nor does he care if you feel bad or guilty or hurt. Oklahoma Wesleyan University is here to make men out of boys and, presumably, girls — not to coddle these members of Generation Whine.

So if you’re looking for a “safe place,” he said you should keep looking.

Those are bold words for the president of a school with 900 students, especially in a climate where students are actually concerned about safety.

TRIGGER WARNING! President Piper might be a former president if, say, 90 students decided OWU wasn’t safe enough and found a new college to attend.

MATH WARNING! That would be a 10 percent decline in the student body.

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