Chicken-Fried News: Dog did it 

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Is “the dog shot me” the adult version of “my dog ate my homework"?

A Grant County woman was a passenger in a vehicle while it was stopped at the train tracks in Enid when a yellow lab puppy named Molly got startled by the passing train and jumped from the backseat onto the vehicle’s center console that contained a .22 caliber handgun, and it discharged, hitting the woman in the thigh, according to Enid News & Eagle.

There is no official update on the status of the woman, but Enid News released audio of the 911 call. The driver of the truck, 79-year-old Brent Parks, can be heard telling Tina Springer, who ironically is Parks’ caretaker, that she’s “lucky [the bullet] went where it went.”

The 911 operator responds to the call, and Parks eventually tells her, “We had a dog in here, and he jumped on the gun.” The operator calmly responds, “The dog shot the gun?” with the kind of delivery that makes you think this isn’t the strangest animal-involved shooting they’ve dealt with.

As Parks took off his belt and tied it around Springer’s leg to act as a tourniquet while waiting for the ambulance, he can be heard saying to the dog, “Oh, Molly, you’re the one that pulled that trigger, and you’re going to get me in shit.”

Parks was not charged, and he told police that the gun is not normally loaded when it’s in the car. Police told Enid News that cloth from the seat covers could have gotten into the trigger well of the gun and caused it to discharge.

Let this be a lesson to keep the safety on firearms when puppies are around, which is probably something we all need to think about every week.

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