Chicken-Fried News: FIDLAR’s roof 


Where is the best place to film a music video in Oklahoma? Maybe with a big budget, a director could rent a helicopter and get a low-flying, bird’s-eye view of rolling, open plains.

California skate punk band FIDLAR (aka Fuck It Dog, Life’s a Risk) is here to show the world that the best place to shoot video is actually in the wonderland that is The Womb Gallery, 25 NW 9th St., the colorful and outlandish art portal brought to us by Wayne Coyne and The Flaming Lips.

FIDLAR’s single, “Punks,” is a head-bashing good time on its own, and the video is a perfect complement.

Its premise centers around a party — the kind that pops up in substance-enhanced dreams. It features neon lighting, dollar bill regurgitation and an abundance of mysterious green slime — you know, pretty much exactly what you would expect in a Flaming Lips-enabled project.

In a press release, FIDLAR bassist Brandon Schwartzel said the project was a “dream come true.” The LA-based band used local artists as extras.

“There doesn’t seem to be that much to do in Oklahoma City, so if you’re a weird art kid, you’re probably going to end up hanging out with The Flaming Lips,” Schwartzel’s statement said. “Something I really like about both of our bands is the preference for friends over professionals. Getting your friends together, giving them a job to do and then watching them excel at it is super cool.”

Schwartzel is right; the end product is pretty cool. There is probably more to do in Oklahoma City than he realizes, but now we can add appearing in a major rock video to the list.

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