Chicken-Fried News: Moldy mansion 

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Remember a few years ago when former Gov. Mary Fallin’s daughter Christina received criticism for living in a trailer on the governor’s mansion property?

It turns out the trailer might’ve had better living conditions than the mansion itself. According to News 9, the mansion has fallen into such state of disrepair that it might not be ready for new Gov. Kevin Stitt and his family when they’re ready to move to Oklahoma City from Tulsa following the end of the school year.

Officials with the Office of Management and Enterprise Services (OMES) told News 9 that repairs to the mansion and two other structures on the premises will cost $8 million.

Stitt spokesperson Donelle Harder said the roof is leaking, which has caused flooding in the basement, and there is mold on the walls.

“Things that do not make the facility habitable for young children,” she said.

This is especially the case since Stitt said last year that he and his wife haven’t vaccinated all of their six children.

“We definitely pick and choose which ones we’re going to do,” Stitt said at a Tulsa political forum.

It’s still unclear whether Stitt meant they pick and choose which vaccines they use or which children get vaccinated. Maybe it’s a Hunger Games situation?

Stitt’s response last year said he’d given all of his children “various vaccinations required for school,” which is a funny way of spelling “all.”

According to News 9, OMES officials discovered problems with the mansion as far back as 2010, and action was delayed by Fallin in 2015 because the $4.2 million it would require for the repairs came during the $600 million budget shortfall.

Now the cost of the repairs has more than doubled. At least the state’s financial situation is in better shape as Stitt takes over, or at least until the next energy bust or likely round of tax cuts take effect.

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