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Yelp is the name of a website that lets users leave star ratings and write reviews of restaurants and businesses based on their own experiences. Yelp also is a good approximation of the sound every Oklahoma City Thunder fan made on July 4 after learning Kevin Durant’s plans to leave the team for the Golden State Warriors.

Well, that or any other option on a select list of more potent four-letter words.

Chicken-Fried News recently discussed many of the ways Thunder fans made their disappointment known. It is no surprise that the silliest venting came online, where fans purged their frustrations by swarming the Yelp page for KD’s Southern Cuisine, the basketball superstar’s namesake restaurant in Bricktown.

Sean Y. of Oklahoma City left a one-star review and wrote: “I recommend the Longwhorn Special [sic]. $49.95 and they kick you in the junk before leaving.”

Sheppard M. of Norman also got creative with his review but was kind enough to leave three stars: “Much like his game it was overpriced and flashy. But at the end of the day it was average. Lots of little wins but no big moment on this menu.”

The reviews weren’t all by Oklahomans.

People outside the state dogpiled on the opportunity to stir the pot in the midst of the nation’s biggest sports story.

Ron G. of Sacramento wrote: “Best drink on the menu= ‘Tears of Thunder Fans.’”

Ron G. sounds like a Warriors fan, a wise choice if you live in the same city as the Sacramento Kings.

Many of the pseudo-reviews have since been removed by Yelp, but the fallout from Durant’s decision will probably linger in the back of Thunder fans’ minds for a while to come.

Justin K. of Williamston, Michigan, might have said it best: “The salt... the salt more than anything is what makes me ecstatic for round 2 of KD’s. Well done!”

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