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It was supposed to be a prank, but the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office was not laughing.

The sheriff’s department was called to investigate a senior prank gone wrong earlier this month at Deer Creek High School. A student told KOCO Channel 5 that the prank led to a teacher injury.

So what was this prank? you ask. School faculty walked into school one Monday morning to find the floor slippery wet with cleaning chemicals. The floors and walls had been egged and were covered in toilet paper.

Eggs and toilet paper? Really? That is all they could come up with? Someone call Lorne Michaels; we have some real comedic geniuses on our hands!

Let’s take off our criminal prosecutor hats for a moment and judge this prank as objective prank appreciators. We here at Chicken-Fried News ask the young pranksters of Deer Creek where their originality was. “Eggs and toilet paper” sounds like it would be the very first result one would find after typing, “What’s a good senior prank LOL” into the Google search bar.

What makes a senior prank memorable and effective is either A) its ludicrous hilarity or B) the accomplishment of an impressive feat. And any prank, no matter how genius its conception and execution, is immediately ruined after an injury.

Sorry, Deer Creek kids, but this prank isn’t checking any of the right boxes. You could have taken all the money you spent on eggs and toilet paper to the bank, converted it into pennies and evenly spaced them out across the gym floor. You could have snuck in early and put an endless loop of Mason “The Yodeling Kid” Ramsey’s new single “Famous”  on every computer in the building. But instead, you just decided to dump some groceries on the floor. Real comedy takes effort.

KOCO reports that deputies are working with Deer Creek School District administrators to hold two students suspected in the incident accountable for their actions. At press time, it was not yet known what their punishment might entail.

Hopefully the students involved have already learned their lesson and will be allowed to move on with their lives without exorbitant trouble. Their prank missed the mark, and while Saturday Night Live is likely not in their futures, maybe a more mature tomorrow is.

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