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The park itself won’t be open to visitors until next year, but 70-acre, $132 million Scissortail Park is beginning to feel more and more like a real thing. 

Mayor David Holt, MAPS 3 Citizens Advisory Board chair Tom McDaniel and Myriad Botanical Gardens and Scissortail Park executive director Maureen Heffernan gathered June 21 to unveil the park’s new logo, a colorful and somewhat abstract representation of its namesake.

The park, to be located downtown just south of Chesapeake Energy Arena, earned its scissortail moniker after a public poll in 2017. If there is one certain thing about Oklahomans, it’s their undying love for the state bird. 

“The Scissortail Park logo is significant for a number of reasons,” Heffernan said at the announcement ceremony. “As an icon, it represents our state bird, but more importantly in the brand development process, Scissortail Park was voted on and chosen by local residents, which in many ways represents the community’s first step toward taking ownership of what will be an amazing public space for all to enjoy.”

The esteemed Chicken-Fried News panel fancies itself as a peak source of snark, but even our skeptical eyes are having a hard time finding much wrong with the branding. Sure, it’s not exactly the Nike swoosh, but the bird logo is distinct and colorful. Frankly, it represents this city in a more appealing way than, say, the Oklahoma City Thunder logo, which could not be any safer or generic.

If there is one teensie weensie observation to be made about the Scissortail Park logo, it is that the bird’s yellow-topped head bears an uncanny likeness to President Donald Trump’s iconic golden locks. 

Is this bird here to tell us about how this park is the most beautiful and tremendous and “yuge” park among all other parks in the land? Is this bird here to make parks great again? Coincidentally, Mr. Scissortail here looks like he could be a close cousin of NBC’s amazing technicolor peacock, which happened to brand the bottom left corner of Trump’s The Apprentice (Celebrity and otherwise) for 14 seasons.

Kidding aside, perhaps the most exciting news to emerge out of the announcement was that The Social Order Dining Collective will operate the park’s café. The group is known for the delicious powerplayers The Jones Assembly, Fuzzy’s Taco Shop, Texadelphia and Seven47. 

With a track record that strong, you can bet your flycatchin’ dollar that the CFN brain trust will be frequent diners.

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