Chicken-Fried News: Smoking gun 

  • Ingvard Ashby

The so-called “constitutional carry” bill has not gone into effect yet, but some gun-loving trolls are already parading their firearms around public areas to “prepare people.”

Richard Hubbard was booked on charges of pointing a firearm with intent and obstruction of justice earlier this month, News on 6 reported. A woman called police after witnessing Hubbard allegedly pointing a pistol at people in a Broken Arrow park. Police ordered him to get on the ground, and when he did not comply, they deployed pepper balls. But Andrew Brame, one of his friends, calls him a “very peaceful man” who probably did not get on the ground because he has a back problem.

We are not buying it. Brame and Hubbard both have YouTube channels full of videos in which they try to get a reaction from people in public places. Hubbard goes on “open carry walks” around parks, just waiting for people to call the police. This is all done under the guise of education.

“Come November, open carry rifle is going to be allowed and what we are doing is just trying to get them used to it because more people are going to start doing it when it becomes legal,” Brame said.

Again, we are not buying it. Brame posts daily videos of himself antagonizing officers and civilians across the state. In one video, he paints his beard pink and puts on a dress just to stand outside the Tulsa Air National Guard Base and giggle or yell or pick his nose when cars or people pass by.

We wish we were joking.

Other videos show him harassing security guards at libraries or outside police departments, and almost every video includes several minutes of him arguing with police officers and not complying with instructions. Maybe Brame has back problems too? In one of his most recent videos, Brame aptly sums up his and Hubbard’s motivations by telling somebody, “Yeah, I’m going down there to film it. It makes them mad, and they call the police on me. It’s fun.”

This makes it pretty clear neither of them is “very peaceful.” Very peaceful men do not live to stir up controversy, make others feel unsafe and waste police officers’ time. Very peaceful men have better hobbies.

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