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Oklahoma’s weather the past few weeks has been pretty crazy. Well, it is always kind of crazy, but it has been the kind of crazy that makes meteorologists pant through potential tornado reports on live TV.

Thankfully, many of the state’s meteorologists have been in Oklahoma long enough to learn from past mistakes and know what kind of things will help people take severe weather seriously. Emily Sutton remembers that nearly half of the people who died because of flooding in 2013 were Spanish speakers. So being a great professional meteorologist dedicated to saving as many lives as possible, she invited two Spanish-speaking KFOR employees help translate a weather forecast via Facebook Live. It is only fair we all panic together.

While the video’s chat was mostly filled with positive messages commending Sutton, it was not long before the racists logged on to tell people to “learn English.” One unlucky and probably unhappy man took to Emily’s Facebook page to share his thoughts.

“I did… favor Emily Sutton as a weather forecaster .. however, I saw the broadcast using a translator .. Mexican language … I remind one and all … this is the Untied States of America… I am offended that KFOR overtly shoved the America English aside to favor the foreign language presentation.. this is America,” Richard Weathers wrote – maybe while on Ambien?

We at Chicken-Fried News are more frustrated by this sensitive snowflake’s complete assassination of basic “America English” spelling, grammar and use of punctuation. Also, the “Untied” States does not have an official language and is actually one of the most linguistically diverse countries in the world. Why anyone would want this country to get dumbed down to one language is beyond us.

Sutton explained why they used translators and invited him to just not watch. 

“Also - it’s not American, we speak English. People from Mexico don’t speak Mexican - they speak Spanish. Native Americans had the founding language in America. You should try traveling and experiencing another culture to open your horizons. You will find that we are all humans. Be kind to each other. Don’t be a Richard,” she wrote before dropping the proverbial mic.

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