Chicken-Fried News: Tracking mystery 

There’s nothing we like more at Chicken-Fried News than a good old-fashioned mystery that seems like it was ripped from the most recent season of Better Call Saul.

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) is investigating the reason Rep. Mark McBride (R-Moore) found a tracking device underneath his truck in December, as first reported by NonDoc.

McBride, a vocal supporter of the oil and gas industry, suggested to police when they arrived at his home Dec. 4 that someone connected to the wind industry could be trying to spy on him. Mark Yates, the head of the Oklahoma Wind Coalition, flatly denied the accusation, according to Associated Press.

McBride was tipped off to the device after he was told that a private investigator had been contacted to follow him, according to NonDoc. He checked his truck at the suggestion of a friend and found the device attached to the undercarriage. He has now sued Eastridge Investigations and the private investigator, H.L. Christensen, for unspecified damages in excess of $10,000, according to Associated Press.

It looks like somebody hasn’t caught up on the latest season of Better Call Saul, in which cartel members hide tracking devices inside a gas cap lid. He might not even have thought to look there! Wait; you didn’t hear that from us.

OSBI is investigating the case as a potential for stalking charges, and McBride said that he will introduce legislation to amend stalking statutes to prohibit the use of GPS or other monitoring devices.

McBride said he has spent thousands of dollars on extra security to protect his family. When it comes to the power struggle between energy sources in Oklahoma, it might be best to pull a Switzerland and stay neutral.


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