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It is unlikely Rep. Kevin McDugle, Broken Arrow Republican and former drill sergeant, has ever regretted a social media posting more than a now-deleted video of his personalized message to protesting teachers who have been critical of his education-funding voting decisions. The Legislature preemptively passed a modest teacher raise bill before the statewide public educator walkout, but the bill did little to increase classroom funding.

“It took us a year and a half to pass it. And now, they come into this House, they want to act this way,” McDugle said, wagging an accusatory finger into his cellphone camera. “I’m not voting for another stinking measure when they’re acting the way they’re acting.”

According to Slate, McDugle later apologized for the way his words were taken but not for the sentiment.

So, a massive swarm of Oklahoma voters shows up at the state Capitol and emphatically tell you they feel a certain way about where the state’s money is going. But their message is invalid because maybe it came off as impolite?

Perhaps McDugle feels comfortable talking down to people he represents because he ran unopposed in the last election. How have his views been vetted against those of his electors?

The lawmaker will not have the luxury of a uncontested election in June. This time he has two challengers, one of which is Democratic candidate and 30-year teaching veteran Cyndi Ralston.

Ralston filed the week before but was inspired to announce  after McDugle’s video went live.

“That disrespect was given a name and a face this morning when Representative McDugle posted his video,” she wrote on Facebook in her official campaign announcement. “I cannot, I will not stand idly by any longer.”

Chicken-Fried News does not endorse candidates, but always cheers for fair, competitive state elections.

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