Chicken-Fried News: Wage gape 

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Last week, many Oklahoma legislators received the September issue of Perspective magazine. Then the internet exploded.

The periodical is published by right-leaning Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs (OCPA), which touts itself as a public policy think tank that advocates for limited government, free-market economy and individual liberty.

The cover shows what Twitter user @KristinMay13 called a “sexy Rosie the Riveter” rolling up her sleeve in the iconic “We can do it” headline.

Cool, right? No, not cool. Keep reading.

Below the glossy image is a cover story teaser that reads (emphasis theirs): “Some Oklahoma lawmakers are pushing unnecessary legislation to promote equal pay for equal work — as though women don’t already receive it.”

Gosh dangit, OCPA! First, the group uses “they,” meaning the group isn’t talking to women. It’s talking about them.

Second, there’s more.

“Proposals like this enable politicians to amass more power and regulatory authority for themselves,” the text continues.

Twitter user @thursdayb responded, “What even?”

Similarly, @CharaWatson said, “This is gross in so many ways.”

Social media users caught on to the bait-and-switch, which turned an iconic message of female empowerment into an accusation that our male-dominated Oklahoma Legislature is made up of a bunch of irresponsible authority hoarders.

The cover teaser ends with this (emphasis theirs): “But as OCPA’s Tina Korbe points out, the generalized pay gap between men and women actually serves to remind us that women can think and act for themselves.

“You’re just not working hard enough!” @KristinMay13 joked.

OK; now we dunderheads at Chicken-Fried News get it: Those people can and do think for themselves. They also speak for themselves. They want equal pay for equal work because they can do it.

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