Chicken-Fried News: Who’s calling? 

In a felonious version of the telephone game, but with narcotics, police recently charged Jessica Lynn Bolton, 21, with intent to traffic heroin and methamphetamines, possession of marijuana and possession of contraband in a penal institution.

Eight people were charged in a far-reaching conspiracy to smuggle narcotics and contraband into Oklahoma correctional facilities.

Prosecutors allege Bolton used a hydraulic press to fill small pieces of plastic pipe with heroin, meth and other drugs.

Alleged coconspirator Shareese Renee Jackson, 45, then concealed “25 grams of heroin, 30 grams of marijuana plus 10 cigarettes” in a body cavity into the Oklahoma County Jail, Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office public information officer Mark Opgrande told

Opgrande unironocally called the scheme “ironic.”

In a court affidavit, Jackson admitted her ruse was to surrender herself to the jail on Jan. 4 — on an outstanding drug warrant, of all things — in order to gain access to and pass the drugs to another inmate, Maria R. Moore, 31, according to a sheriff’s investigation report.

Law enforcement officers accused Moore of delivering aforementioned substances to yet another inmate, Zachary D. Millard, 30, reported.

Detectives found proof of the plot while going through a month and a half of jail surveillance video and recorded phone calls between the eight defendants, Opgrande told

Following that telephone line led investigators to alleged ringleader and Lawton correctional facility inmate Chad T. Back, 32, who reported has been incarcerated since 2008 on drug “and other offenses.”

Authorities stopped the scheme before suspects Alona Nicole Crenshaw, 31, and Matthew Isaac Henson, 25, could distribute additional drugs — 140 grams of meth plus 200 Xanax pills, Opgrande told — found during a search of Bolton’s Oklahoma City residence.

Christian Eric Meador, 20, also was charged in the conspiracy, reported.

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