Chicken-Fried News: Body count

With 1,079 of every 100,000 people behind bars, according to a study released by Prison Policy Initiative last year, Oklahoma has the highest incarceration rate in the U.S., and even under the most draconian application of state laws, some of those people might not even belong there.

Chicken-Fried News: Bag men

One of 2018’s most popular memes took a screen shot from a bespectacled anime character looking at a butterfly and asking the question, is this a pigeon?

Chicken-Fried News: Wake-up calls

We all get them and we all hate them because both impostor scams and robocalls intend to take your hard-earned money.

Chicken-Fried News: CEO badge

Gov. Kevin Stitt wants Oklahoma to be run like a business — just like his successful Gateway Mortgage — as he promotes his initiative for Oklahoma to be a “top 10” state. 

Chicken-Fried News: Needs improvement

Melania Trump managed a surprisingly not-horrible public relations move last week when she visited Dove School of Discovery in Tulsa.

Chicken-Fried News: Up top

Looks like Gov. Kevin Stitt’s goal to make Oklahoma a top 10 state is already working.

Chicken Fried News: Well done

Oklahoma City mayor David Holt completed a “personal mission” and made national news last month when he convinced Will Rogers World Airport to stop selling shirts reading, “Nothing Tips Like a Cow.” In a pair of celebratory tweets dated Feb. 21 (you’ll have to scroll past a bunch of junk about street repair and something called MAPS 4 to read them), Holt wrote, “For the last decade or so, our redesigned OKC airport has made a beautiful first impression on visitors, with one notable exception: the awful cow-tipping T-shirts that bear no relation to actual life in OKC.

Chicken Fried News: Caffeine slinger

A man we assume was already sufficiently over-caffeinated stole an 18-wheeler Pepsi truck late last month.

Chicken-Fried News: Moat problems

Moats were regarded as one of the most important elements used to defend castles back in medieval times, but they don’t seem to be effective around modern homes.

Chicken-Fried News: Purloined playthings

Hustler Hollywood in Tulsa was victim of a heist last week when a car drove directly through its entry doors and the robber absconded with about $300-$400 worth of lingerie and sex toys.

Chicken-Fried News: Ninjutsu politics

When NBC’s extreme obstacle course competition American Ninja Warrior returns to film at the state Capitol in April, may we suggest that the show’s producers consider upping the difficulty by requiring competitors to complete a site-specific challenge?

Chicken-Fried News: U.S. exports

Announcing his campaign for president in 2015, Donald Trump declared, “When Mexico sends its people, they're not sending their best.

Chicken-Fried News: Stoops stands

We figure most University of Oklahoma fans are more than happy since Lincoln Riley took over for Bob Stoops.

Chicken-Fried News: Local noose

A Lawton news station is grappling with some controversy, and surprisingly enough, it has nothing to do with claims of “fake news.”

Chicken-Fried News: Home to roost

The old political promise of “a chicken in every pot” seems more tenable when you consider the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations estimates the world’s chicken population is about 22.8 billion, or roughly three chickens for every human being on the planet.

Chicken-Fried News: Courtroom infestation

Bedbugs are notoriously hard to eliminate when an infestation becomes apparent.

Chicken-Fried News: Bus(ted) fleet

Oklahoma City Public Schools faces quite a number of challenges.

Chicken-Fried News: Triggered

A Tulsa man is giving Glocks to the homeless.

Chicken-Fried News: Running dead

It wasn’t bad enough that Facebook influenced the 2016 election by prioritizing hoax conspiracy news over fact-checking articles; a Facebook group is trying to influence the Edmond mayoral race by advocating the election of elected mayor Charles Lamb, who died in early December.

Chicken-Fried News: Sleep tight

NBA players’ ghost stories about The Skirvin Hilton Oklahoma City, 1 Park Ave., are the basis of a recently announced movie starring Boston Celtic Kyrie Irving and produced by Imagine Entertainment.

Chicken-Fried News: Walkout block-out

Last year’s nine-day teacher walkout made national headlines, drawing tens of thousands of teachers and supporters to the state Capitol where they demonstrated their support for increasing public education funding.

Chicken-Fried News: Moldy mansion

Remember a few years ago when former Gov. Mary Fallin’s daughter Christina received criticism for living in a trailer on the governor’s mansion property?

Chicken-Fried News: True pastime

Although baseball is still referred to as “America’s pastime,” the metrics surrounding the game’s star power are reaching crisis levels.

Chicken-Fried News: Sooner grown

Among the Oklahoma-centric news alerts this month were the all-too-usual national embarrassments: fracking-induced earthquakes, negligent parenting, prison violence and Kevin Stitt sworn in as governor.

Chicken-Fried News: Bats crazy

Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) has a project to rebuild a stretch of Oklahoma Highway 16 between Okay and Wagoner, and (surprise) it's going to take longer than anticipated.


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