Chicken-Fried News: Oh, deer

An Oklahoma woman looking for a love connection got a hefty fine instead and didn’t even land a date.

Chicken-Fried News: Penguin, pachyderm purloined

Two iconic and colorful mascots were stolen from Oklahoma City businesses in the span of a week, and the crack team here at Chicken-Fried News thinks it might be more than a coincidence.

Chicken-Fried News: Snow patrol

In its first month of operation, Oklahoma City Streetcar could take a cue from the U.S. Postal Service’s unofficial motto of “neither snow nor rain nor gloom.” The streetcar’s operations have been thwarted due to street flooding, icy conditions and clueless parking jobs from people who don’t know what it means to stay inside a white line.

Chicken-Fried News: Science diet

On Jan. 2, University of Oklahoma meteorologist with the extremely scientific first name Kelvin Droegemeier was approved in a U.S. Senate voice vote to become President Donald Trump’s chief adviser on all things science.

Chicken-Fried News: Stealer's remorse

What’s loud, slow and weighs 50,000 pounds?

Chicken-Fried News: 2018 takeout

Chicken-Fried News throws an entire year into the deep fryer and burns it to a crisp.
Fallin away

Chicken-Fried News: Street boss

Downtown Oklahoma City was abuzz Dec. 14 when city officials debuted the city’s new streetcars courtesy of city taxpayers and the third Metropolitan Area Projects (MAPS) initiative.

Chicken-Fried News: Dark haze

The Rodgers and Hammerstein production of Oklahoma!

Chicken-Fried News: Sickly situation

A little over 2,000 people live in Prague, Oklahoma, and it’s more than likely that the staff at the city’s main hospital, Prague Community Hospital, are hoping everyone in the city doesn’t get sick all at once.

Chicken-Fried News: Defensive funds

If the federal budget process asked for spending suggestions the same way an improv comedy group asked for settings for a scene, it would go something like this:

Chicken-Fried News: Snow day?

The madness started Monday.

Chicken-Fried News: State steak

There are more cows than people in the state of Oklahoma, and by goodness, it’s about darn time to recognize the hard workers of the state’s agricultural industry, according to State Senator Casey Murdock.

Chicken-Fried News: School’s out

Oklahoma has once again found itself in the national spotlight after a letter from Canadian County Republican Party chairman Andrew Lopez to newly elected Republican lawmakers was leaked to the public in late November, exposing the overweening bonkers mentality of anti-education extremists for all that it is.

Chicken-Fried News: Silkworm

Meanwhile, as Lopez and Pollard plan to force parents to send their boys to market-driven (re)education facilities while the girls stay home and prepare themselves for servile marriage, State Senator Joseph Silk, R-Broken Arrow, has authored Senate Bill 13, the kind of legislation that indicates many He-Man Woman Haters are using Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale as a how-to book for subjugating women.

Chicken-Fried News: Naked and afraid

As the saying goes, nothing good happens after 2 a.m.

Chicken-Fried News: Mary fallen

After three decades in politics and two terms as leader of the state, Gov. Mary Fallin told Tulsa World last week that she is done with politics following the inauguration of governor-elect Kevin Stitt Jan. 14. 

Chicken-Fried News: Burnt offerings

Life thrives on symmetry, and if our endlessly annoying End Times cacophony of hysteria has taught us anything, it’s that every point has a counterpoint.

Chicken-Fried News: Relocation bonus

George Kaiser Family Foundation funds many community and philanthropic programs and initiatives in and around Tulsa.

Chicken-Fried News: Rock show

Bullying is not cool.

Chicken-Fried News: Holiday rules

Halloween has come and gone in the Sooner State, and Oklahomans, like the rest of the nation’s citizens, are left to ask themselves, "What’s next?"

Chicken-Fried News: ’Melo Jazz reprise

Oklahoma City Thunder received an early visit from the Ghost of Christmas Past last week when Carmelo Anthony arrived in town for the rival Houston Rockets game, and it gave them a glimpse of how their present might be, if not for a shrewd offseason move by general manager Sam Presti.

Chicken-Fried News: Borderline idiocy

U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe has spent most of his life on Earth trying to outlive the planet, mostly by advocating anti-environmental, pro-industrial legislation that would hasten its transformation into a gaseous, toxic space pustule.

Chicken-Fried News: Mullin it over

Conservatives were quick to share the response from Cherokee Nation after U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Massachusetts, an Oklahoma native, shared her DNA results in her bizarre feud with President Donald Trump.

Chicken-Fried News: Good night, Princess

An Okie-bred animal has done it again.

Chicken-Fried News: Okie Whitey

In one of those bizarre twists that only further proves that every weird story in Americana can be traced to include Oklahoma, James “Whitey” Bulger — one of the country’s most infamous crime bosses — will likely take his final breaths in Oklahoma, the same state where his syndicate of gangsters committed crimes that sent him on the lam for 16 years.


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