Collison's extension means four years of quality tweets 

On Nov. 23, Nick Collison signed a four-year contract extension with the Thunder. I like this deal for a couple of reasons.

For one, Collison is a good, if not great, role player. He plays under control, is a good chemistry guy and led the NBA last season in charges drawn (57, if you're interested). Plus, his contract is front-loaded, meaning it won't have any negative salary cap implications for the Thunder down the road.

The other reason I like the deal is that we'll get four more years of tweets from Nick Collison (@nickcollison4). Unedited tweets like:

"Thanks for all the bday wishes. They say 30 is the new 20. So I am looking for a house party and putting off writing this western civ paper"

"Correction. I'm thrilled not thriled. That's my first spelling/grammatical error ever. Sorry to everyone who is disappointed in me."

"Does anyone in Des Moines know where I can find the sweet Ed Hardy steering wheel cover the guy who pulled up next to me had?"

"If i had a handlebar moustache then cut off the top leaving the sides and called the look the 'absolute value stache' would it be cool?"

Collison is the best "tweeter" on the Thunder roster. This is actually a significant achievement, because 11 Thunder players have active accounts. However, none of them come close to matching the greatness of Collison's 140-character-or-less comments. If anything, the tweets from other players just mirror how they play on the floor.

For example, back-up point guard Eric Maynor (@EMaynor3) mostly "re-tweets" things others have written or sends @ replies to people who follow him. Jeff Green (@jeff_green22) was a Twitter addict once, but then stopped tweeting because he needed to "get my priorties and my shit str8 ASAP."

It should be noted that Green's rookie contract was not renewed this summer and that he'll be an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season. I'm just saying.

Collison follows that pattern. With only 1,200 total tweets, he takes the quality-over-quantity approach. That's a lot like his reserve role on the team. Although he may not play every minute, when he does, he gives maximum effort and improves the Thunder's chances at winning. That's something that will be nice to watch " and follow " the next four years.  

Patrick is the founder and editor of the local news and entertainment blog

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