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It was a simple question, but one that could have gotten tons of disapproving stares from the line of fans that were at the Barnes & Noble on May Avenue and Memorial Boulevard to greet Taylor Armstrong on her April 7 signing in Oklahoma City.

“Of course I do,” one fan declared. “She’s from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!”

After sitting for a few seconds with a puzzled look on her face, the female inquirer said, “I just want to hear her story. I just got out of a bad marriage.”

As the woman sat waiting patiently for her turn, Armstrong happily hugged, kissed and took pictures with every person in line. Her bright smile never left her face as she towered over everyone in her 6-inch YSL pumps.

Once the woman got her chance in line, Armstrong happily greeted her and listened to her story. Underneath the perfect hair, Hollywood smile and the high stilettos, she’s still just an Oklahoma girl.

Oklahoma Gazette: I love your shoes!

Taylor Armstrong: Thank you! I’m addicted to YSL!

Gazette: I knew they were YSL! I kept looking for a red bottom, but couldn’t find one.

Armstrong: YSL fit me perfectly! Louboutins are kind of uncomfortable for me. They hurt my feet.

Gazette: You have on your signature turquoise jewelry. You're getting back to that Oklahoma girl!

Armstrong: I am and I'm loving it! My cheerleading coach gave me this the other night.

Gazette: How does it feel to come back home?

Armstrong: It's unbelievable to me. I think the thing that was most surprising was seeing my friends with their kids and realizing that we were kids together! We had our whole lives in front of us, and now we're much older and responsible for the lives of another generation. That part feels a little odd. We picked up right where we left off!

Gazette: This really was a homecoming for you.

Armstrong: Yeah, absolutely it was. I didn't get to spend as much time in Tulsa and OKC as I would have liked to, but it was nice to be here, and I might come back in June for a charity event for domestic violence. I want to plan to be here for a few days. I want to have the whole experience.

Gazette: How are you going to continue helping women that have suffered from domestic violence?

Armstrong: My work with the 1736 Family Crisis Center really showed me what it was like for local programs and how important the work is that they do with the legal services and job-placement shelters. I learned so much from them.

I'm realizing that all over the country, in every state, there are great local programs. I just started the Taylor Armstrong Foundation about a month ago. It’s a nonprofit of my own that I'm going to have as a national foundation that can help local shelters. They're so many little ones out there, but there's no big body that can help them all. As I travel around and find the ones that are really doing that good dollar-for-dollar work, I want to be able to give grants and work from that angle.

Gazette: What's one thing that you hope women, or men, take from the book?

Armstrong: One thing that stood out for me when looking at my history was just feeling like I needed to have another person to complete me, and that I didn't have that full self-esteem that I needed.

I think when you start seeing those patterns in your own life, where the minute you have one partner [that] goes away, you feel like you have to fill it with another partner and you can't be alone and you can't be by yourself — those are things [that would require] some soul searching.

Gazette: Have there been any talks of a season three for Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

Armstrong: I do believe that Bravo announced season three is going to happen. They haven't confirmed the cast. I believe that Camille [Grammer] has said that she will not be returning. But there's definitely going to be a season three.

Gazette: What can we expect to see if you do season three?

Armstrong: I'm doing so much growth right now. So many things about our lives are changing. I'm just making sure that I'm getting through the big milestones successfully — how our lives have changed and what it's like now for me to be a single mom. I think that maybe people are going to see a lot of growth and also a different side of Beverly Hills.

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