Cartoon: "Oxy" morons

Commentary: Schools tied

Pathway to Greatness offers hope for Oklahoma City Public Schools, but the state’s public education system needs more than just hope.
If there were ever a school dedicated to achieving Horace Mann’s dream of making education “the great equalizer,” Harding Charter Preparatory High School would be it.

Commentary: Ill communication

University of Oklahoma needs a chief diversity officer. Its public statements prove it.
Last week, University of Oklahoma (OU) officials proved they were ill-prepared to address diversity issues when one crisis management attempt backfired and a seemingly good-intentioned message to women came off as retrograde and condescending.

Cartoon: Ball games

Cartoon: Wild (House) Bill

Chicken Fried News: Political detention

Two bills filed by state Sen. Mark Allen, R-Spiro, take aim at teachers for having the audacity to ask for more funding and become politically active.

Cartoon: Lord of the cling

Reproductive wrongs

Smart and compassionate Oklahomans should fight proposed anti-choice legislation.
In a cultural moment when the societal rights of women to not be subjugated, objectified or otherwise exploited is on people’s minds, Oklahoma lawmakers are attempting to do just that, reducing pregnant women to the status of what state Rep. Justin Humphrey, R-Lane, called “hosts.”

Cartoon: Life choices

Commentary: Carry on

If signed into law, Oklahoma’s “constitutional carry” bill will cause more problems than it will solve.
A bill that passed the state House of Representatives last week and is likely to become law will remove permitting and training requirements from the purchase and use of handguns.

Cartoon: Make snow mistake

Commentary: Paper money

Advertorial content is muddying the ethical waters in local journalism.
Late last year, a candidate for public office was interviewed by Oklahoma Gazette for an election preview story, and everything went perfectly well — at least until the interview ended.

Cartoon: Knot fair

Commentary: Care giving

Oklahoma could expand Medicaid, but interest groups are fighting to make health care a privilege.
President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act (ACA) provided for expansion of Medicaid on a state-by-state basis, and since 2014, 37 states and the District of Columbia have approved expanding Medicaid coverage to persons making below 138 percent of the federal poverty level.

Cartoon: Root of the matter

Commentary: Prayer vigilant

Stitt’s post-inaugural prayer service spoke volumes about his narrow view of the faith community.
The inauguration of Oklahoma’s new governor, Kevin Stitt, was a series of celebratory events around the state.

Cartoon: Tanks for nothing

Commentary: Mein campus

University of Oklahoma students’ racist viral video points to a larger problem of learned intolerance.
In the days preceding our national celebration of the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., both Oklahoma and the country at large demonstrated that wide swaths of our society require an emergency history lesson.

Cartoon: Retro activist

Commentary: Lankford logic

Passing campaign data to oligarchs is great, as long as you know them really, really well.
On Jan. 9, U.S. Sen. James Lankford, R-Oklahoma, established that he is willing to say just about anything to divert attention from the multiple investigations into possible Russian collusion with the Donald Trump campaign and that passing campaign data to alleged Russian agents is nothing to worry about.

Cartoon: Fire sauce

Commentary: Blocked intersections

A U.S. district court judge’s upholding of Oklahoma City’s anti-panhandling ordinance does not mean it should stay on the books.
On Dec. 19, U.S. district judge Joe Heaton ruled that Oklahoma City’s anti-panhandling ordinance is constitutional.

Cartoon: The future is blight

Commentary: Fighting hate

A national white identity group is putting its stickers in OKC’s high-traffic areas.
In November 2018, former Oklahoma Gazette reporter Ben Luschen found one while hiking near Cushing and took a photo on his cellphone.

Cartoon: State of the state


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