Cartoon: Retro activist

Commentary: Lankford logic

Passing campaign data to oligarchs is great, as long as you know them really, really well.
On Jan. 9, U.S. Sen. James Lankford, R-Oklahoma, established that he is willing to say just about anything to divert attention from the multiple investigations into possible Russian collusion with the Donald Trump campaign and that passing campaign data to alleged Russian agents is nothing to worry about.

Cartoon: Fire sauce

Commentary: Blocked intersections

A U.S. district court judge’s upholding of Oklahoma City’s anti-panhandling ordinance does not mean it should stay on the books.
On Dec. 19, U.S. district judge Joe Heaton ruled that Oklahoma City’s anti-panhandling ordinance is constitutional.

Cartoon: The future is blight

Commentary: Fighting hate

A national white identity group is putting its stickers in OKC’s high-traffic areas.
In November 2018, former Oklahoma Gazette reporter Ben Luschen found one while hiking near Cushing and took a photo on his cellphone.

Cartoon: State of the state

Legislative malpractice

A xenophobic Senate bill would take away prenatal care for all low-income Oklahoma women just to make things difficult for undocumented immigrants.
One might think that legislation to end a program that provides vital services to thousands of Oklahoma’s poorest women and children would deserve the utmost care and discernment.

Cartoon: By the book

Commentary: Taking shots

The Oklahoman editorial board dangerously spreads anti-vaxxer junk science.
Just 10 months ago, a child in Norman was diagnosed with an entirely preventable disease, one for which a vaccine was developed 55 years ago.

Cartoon: Change you can believe in

Commentary: Blissful ignorance

When addressing climate change, The Oklahoman editorial board chooses comfort and convenience over responsibility.
If we are ever going to seriously confront the realities of environmental change, the flat earth society that consistently denies scientific findings needs to be spun off the globe.

Cartoon: In the wrong class

Cartoon: Loyal to the royals

Cartoon: Piece of the action

Cartoon: Washed up

Cartoon: Midterm 'toon up

Cartoon: Fun for all ages

Cartoon: Words to cringe by

Cartoon: State of the state

Chicken-Fried News: The thin wooden line

Oklahoma is one of 19 states in the country that still allows corporal punishment to be used to discipline school students, but when does a paddling become full-on child abuse?

Chicken-Fried News: Handmaid University

Intolerance doesn’t always march on Southern cities bearing tiki torches while chanting, “You will not replace us.” Sometimes it toils quietly, seemingly benign, in quiet places of authority and trust.

Cartoon: A certain appeal

Chicken-Fried News: Wild showdown

A showdown of sorts took place recently within the parameters of Oklahoma City Zoo.

Cartoon: Extracurricular activities


Dr. Henry Clifford Kinley @ Will Rogers Park Plaza

Dr. Henry Clifford Kinley @ Will Rogers Park Plaza

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