Cartoon: Circle of life (in prison)

Cartoon: Money business

Commentary: 10 months

James Gallogly’s tenure as University of Oklahoma president was only slightly longer than the human gestation period. Fixing the university’s problems will take much longer.
A former high-powered executive sweeps into office with experience in an unrelated field.

Cartoon: Still settling, America

Cartoon: History lessened

Commentary: Clearing smoke

Oklahoma Gazette chooses cannabis over marijuana.
Nearly a year ago, just before passage of State Question 788, I wrote an article in Oklahoma Gazette about the historic demonization of cannabis and how political and industrial forces conspired to destroy the market for the plant.

Cartoon: Minimum rage

Commentary: ‘Open-carry hate’

This month, as Oklahoma City observed the 24th anniversary of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building bombing, it became clear that disinformation about this mass murder has thrived around us.

Cartoon: Puppet masters

Cartoon: Write guilt

Commentary: Getting clean

Oklahoma’s $270 million settlement with Purdue Pharmaceuticals is a step toward fighting the state’s opioid epidemic.
Purdue Pharmaceuticals, the company currently paying dues for the severity and scale of the current nationwide opioid epidemic, recently settled a lawsuit with the state of Oklahoma.

Cartoon: The writing on the wall

Commentary: Unbridled hate

Oklahomans should voice their opposition to new legislation that would protect hate speech on campus.
Oklahoma Senate Bill 361 claims to “protect free speech” on Oklahoma’s public college campuses by requiring administrators to allow all lawful expressions of speech — regardless of content — while simultaneously forbidding any responsive protests or opposition.

Cartoon: "Free speech" impediment

Commentary: Words matter

Journalists need to be fair when describing acts of terror.
Timothy McVeigh was a white nationalist, Turner Diaries-reading terrorist.

Cartoon: "Oxy" morons

Commentary: Schools tied

Pathway to Greatness offers hope for Oklahoma City Public Schools, but the state’s public education system needs more than just hope.
If there were ever a school dedicated to achieving Horace Mann’s dream of making education “the great equalizer,” Harding Charter Preparatory High School would be it.

Commentary: Ill communication

University of Oklahoma needs a chief diversity officer. Its public statements prove it.
Last week, University of Oklahoma (OU) officials proved they were ill-prepared to address diversity issues when one crisis management attempt backfired and a seemingly good-intentioned message to women came off as retrograde and condescending.

Cartoon: Ball games

Cartoon: Wild (House) Bill

Chicken Fried News: Political detention

Two bills filed by state Sen. Mark Allen, R-Spiro, take aim at teachers for having the audacity to ask for more funding and become politically active.

Cartoon: Lord of the cling

Reproductive wrongs

Smart and compassionate Oklahomans should fight proposed anti-choice legislation.
In a cultural moment when the societal rights of women to not be subjugated, objectified or otherwise exploited is on people’s minds, Oklahoma lawmakers are attempting to do just that, reducing pregnant women to the status of what state Rep. Justin Humphrey, R-Lane, called “hosts.”

Cartoon: Life choices

Commentary: Carry on

If signed into law, Oklahoma’s “constitutional carry” bill will cause more problems than it will solve.
A bill that passed the state House of Representatives last week and is likely to become law will remove permitting and training requirements from the purchase and use of handguns.


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Dr. Henry C. Kinley @ Will Rogers Park Plaza

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