Cover: 2019 review

Here’s a look back at some of the most newsworthy events around the metro this year.
To the ballot

Cover: Beyond preservation

Abandoned Oklahoma aims to show that though a building might be vacant, the memories associated with it aren’t lost.
Before Michael Schwarz could even fully process the orange flames jumping on the television screen, he jumped in his car and made his fastest-ever drive on a familiar trek down to Spencer where the historic Dunjee School — a place he had visited 20 to 30 times after getting involved with the group Abandoned Oklahoma — burned beyond recognition in 2012.

Fiction Issue: The Pink Elephant

By Daniel Scott Bokemper With a final heave, Skye let go of the covered mass he dragged from the hood of his black sedan and onto its roof.

Fiction Issue: Obligatory Apologies of the Nonsensical Kind

By Elizabeth Noel I’m sorry.

Fiction Issue: Streetlight Buoys

By Ryan Schwimmer I went for a run before the sun came up this morning, and I saw a shadow chasing my shadow.

Fiction Issue: Ambidorksterous

By Jeremy “Will Wizard” Williams My friends, there is a war for your fandom, For we all have something we delight in.

Fiction Issue: Your Hand

By M.S. Patton A movie theater has 25 rows of seats with 20 seats in each row.

Fiction Issue: Franz’ Cure

By Jeremy Lowe Little count Drac Would lay on his back Counting the minutes away

Fiction Issue: The Book Collector

By Betsy Randolph Blacked-out windows stared at me while I hiked through the dead jungle, fists clenched.

Discomfort zone

Comic, author and television host Chelsea Handler stops at The Criterion on her Life Will Be the Death of Me tour.

OKG Lifestyle: Hui Cha Poos

Around OKC

OKG Shop: Simply relaxing

A metro entrepreneur built an entire brand out of a desire to be more mindful about what products she brings into her home.
Relaxation doesn’t come easy in the modern world where billion-dollar companies are battling for screen time on smart phones designed to listen to every word we say (though companies deny it) and respond with targeted ads, news flashes and social media updates.

Shady lady

RuPaul’s Drag Race winner Bianca Del Rio’s It’s Jester Joke tour brings biting insult comedy to Oklahoma.

World stage

Max Weitzenhoffer’s journey from Norman to Broadway acclaim and back again is captured in a new book published by Full Circle Press.
When Michael Jackson died in 2009, Norman native Max Weitzenhoffer just so happened to be chairman of Nimax Theatres, which was presenting Thriller Live at its Apollo Theatre in central London.

Doll parts

CityRep’s production of A Doll’s House, Part 2 adds a second story to one of drama’s most famous open endings.

Halloween Guide: Haunted haunts

Halloween provides an increase of historic and spooky haunted tours around Oklahoma City metro area.
From Edmond down to Norman, the metro area is full of opportunities to simultaneously get into the spooky holiday spirit and learn some history during various ghost tours. 


Open Improv Jam @ The Paramount Room

Color Out of Space @ Rodeo Cinema

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