Midwinter glow

Local makeup artists’ tips to stay sparkling through even the longest winter days
With the high of the holiday season over and done, it’s easy to fall into a winter slump. Catching a glimpse of sparkly eyeshadow or a bright red lip in the mirror can be the perfect way to revive a little cheer and maybe find a touch of the approaching Valentine’s Day spirit.

Winter joys

Finding solace indoors and out during Oklahoma’s most unpredictable season
“The most wonderful time of the year” is over and it’s cold, and warm, and then cold again. Spring is a couple months away and wallets are still recovering from end of year expenses.

Walking the walk

When a crisis of faith presented some of life’s biggest questions, Jamie West-Zumwalt made it her life’s mission to live the way of the answer.
It all started as an experiment. “It was born out of a terrible faith crisis that my husband and I were going through,” Jamie West-Zumwalt said.

Citizen Spotlight: Charla Collins

A search for her daughter led Charla Collins down a path of even greater purpose.
“I’m just a mom. Not a nonprofit or anything like that.

Press your luck

Indie publisher and brick-and-mortar bookstore Literati Press leads push for Oklahoma writing world from the Paseo.
We’ve all heard it a thousand times by now: bookstores are dying, indie publishing is dead, and print media is a dusty relic of the distant past, all run out of the market by chain stores and online convenience. And yet, OKC’s Literati Press is now twelve years into the game and going stronger than ever, with a continually expanding physical bookstore in the Paseo and a full slate of acclaimed Oklahoma comics and books published in-house and distributed nationwide.

Citizen Spotlight: Tim Herbel

Making good on a promise, Tim Herbel opened Not Your Average Joe to create an inclusive work environment where those with special needs and their families can prosper and grow.
Tim Herbel is a man who keeps his promises, and making good on one led him on a path he could never have imagined. “I've had three chapters of life.

Holiday VIBES

Downtown Edmond gears up for its first ever winter art walk Dec. 1.
“I imagine kind of this crisp, cool, December first night with lots of people bundled up and out on foot with hot chocolate, or something stronger, in hand and walking up and down these cute streets and, you know, Christmas music in the background and lights in trees and light posts and just a pretty picturesque magical night,” Benjamin Nockels said. As the Owner of downtown Edmond Commonplace Books, Nockels’ has been participating in VIBES’ downtown Edmond art walks since the events began in April 2021.

Holiday cheers

Uptown’s neighborhood bar is transforming into a winter wonderland through the holiday season.
This holiday season, Ponyboy is transforming this season into an aggressively festive pop-up called Miracle on 23rd Street. The international concept was started by a popular barware brand held in high esteem in the bar service industry, Alex Larrea, food and beverage director, said.

Citizen Spotlight: Rob Watkins

After experiencing homelessness, Rob Watkins found a way to connect those still struggling with the resources they need to survive life on the streets.
Helping doesn’t have to be complicated—sometimes the simplest of actions can have a substantial impact. Rob Watkins knows what it’s like to be on the street and how quickly a change in circumstances can land someone there.

Preparing for winter

As the end of the year draws near, the need increases for many local nonprofits who focus their care on the homeless.
Oklahoma Gazette started Citizen Spotlight more than a year ago to highlight the citizens in our community who selflessly pay it forward to those in need. As the days pass, these selfless citizens have continued their missions, often working together to make the biggest impact.

Citizen Spotlight: The Red Case Society

Lifelong musicians Steve McAnally and Price Vernon turned their passion for music into a way to serve their community.
Sometimes the best way to give back is to start with the thing you love the most. Price Vernon hit the stage with bands like Big Okie Doom and Ugly Stick, while Steve McAnally played with Killer Gandhi and Nevermind the Embers.

Citizen Spotlight: Stacey Yarbrough

A second chance can be life-changing. It's a fact Stacey Yarbrough has taken to heart, and she makes it her mission to make sure others get the same.
When she emerged from prison in 2016, Stacey Yarbrough didn't have much of a resume. The weight of 11 felonies heavily hindered her ability to get employment or find a place to live.

Black Sky Affair: Artemis I

The Artemis I is set to launch Aug. 29 in advance of the first moon mission in more than half a century.
Son of Zeus, god of the sun, immortal. Olympian.

Reading rooms

As book readers become fewer as time wears on, local bookstores double down on inventory and providing experiences to their clientele.
Deer Clan Books, 3905 N. College Ave.

Living Rooms

Oklahoma Contemporary - Destination Oklahoma


Plan B @ Little D Gallery

Plan B @ Little D Gallery

David Adam Byrnes LIVE with Curtis Grimes @ Tumbleweed Dancehall & Concert Venue

David Adam Byrnes LIVE with Curtis Grimes @ Tumbleweed Dancehall & Concert Venue

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