Black and red

Lewis Black took some time out of his pre-tour lockdown to chat with Oklahoma Gazette about the past couple of years and the upcoming tour. Black performs at The Criterion on Jan. 30.
Oklahoma Gazette: Did this pandemic make it easier to write material or was being away from the stage where you can test out jokes hold you back?

Black Sky Affair

As we ponder the upcoming year, it’s a good time to stop and reflect upon our place in the universe.
How far away is the farthest planet known? How close is the closest?

Frame by frame

Native artist and writer Steven Paul Judd is keeping busy, with Marvel’s Voices: Heritage #1 being released this month.
Hot on the heels of the release of The Rez Detectives, artist/writer/director Steven Paul Judd is poised once again to indigenize pop culture with his take on the Marvel Universe. Marvel’s Voices: Heritage #1 is available Jan. 12.

Citizen Spotlight: Ryan Cristelli

The founder of project winter watch, Ryan makes it his mission to make sure our most vulnerable citizens stay warm.
Some people pay it forward because they want to — Ryan Cristelli pays it forward because he needs to. He can’t leave people cold.

Controlled crash

Ryan Cristelli shares the story of john, one of our oklahoma city neighbors.
This is John (pictured earlier this winter), and he’d spend last Saturday night in the hospital.

At least that’s over

Despite the difficulties brought on by the pandemic, there’s a lot to be optimistic about moving forward.
All hopes of having anything resembling a normal year were dashed a few days into it, but there are plenty of reasons to be optimistic about the future.

Robyn & Clyde Watanabe of Feed His Sheep

For over 11 years the Watanabes have fed Oklahoma City citizens and brought the community together to help.
Every Sunday morning for the last 11 years, at the northwest corner of Sheridan and Dewey avenues in the Dunlap Codding parking lot, you will find Robyn and Clyde Watanabe amongst a small army of volunteers serving smiles, hugs and a hot meal to people experiencing homelessness in downtown Oklahoma City. Arriving on a particularly frigid December morning, about a hundred people are waiting patiently in the parking lot as the volunteers of Feed His Sheep set up stations for coffee, food and clothing.

Black sky affair

The James Webb Space Telescope is finally launching into space on December 22.
It’s finally here, space cadets.

Citizen Spotlight: Dr. Boyd Shook

Long after his retirement Dr. Shook provides medical care at no cost to those who need it most.
You don’t often see an 88-year-old doctor still actively working in a clinical setting, but at Manos Juntas, you’ll find Dr. Boyd Shook serving hundreds of patients each week at no cost.

Black Sky Affair

The mother of all meteor showers.
The Geminids — mother of all meteor showers.

The Toe Tag: Death and diatoms

The unique ecosystem of each body of water can be used as a tool to identify crime scenes in and near them.
Did you know that types of algae can be used to help link victims (and suspects) to death scenes in and near bodies of water because of their unique groupings?

The four elements of Christmas

RACE Dance Collective, a visionary group that makes dancers, sustains dancers, and gives back to OKC through performance and community outreach, is performing Hip-Hop Nutcracker this holiday season.
RACE Dance Collective was founded by Hui Cha Poos in 2008 with the goal of creating more professional dance opportunities in the OKC metro area, especially for dancers who want to stay in Oklahoma long-term. Poos saw what it would take to create and sustain a vibrant local dance scene, and did it through collaboration with other local dancers who shared

Black Sky Affair

A 1987 Supernova changed the way we see the stars.

Citizen Spotlight: Delisa Jones of Second Chances Thrift Store

In each issue, we highlight a person in our community who stands out for their leadership, kindness, and good deeds. Know someone like that? Email to share their story.

The Toe Tag: The Last Responder

In this installment of The Toe Tag, we meet the woman behind the lab coat.
Now that I’ve told you a couple of Oklahoma stories about death, it’s only fair to share my own.

The most wonderful time of the year

Two holiday classics return to the stage
Frank Capra’s Christmas classic returns to the stage with Pollard Theatre’s It’s a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play. 

Dreams of a Bikeable OKC

A bicycle infrastructure advocate shares how everyone benefits from a bikeable community and how you can get involved in creating positive change

Citizen Spotlight: Harlan Hubbard

Healing through leading
In each issue, we are highlighting a person in our community who stands out for their leadership, kindness, and good deeds.

The Toe Tag: Oklahoma’s Serial Killer Granny

Have you ever wondered why violent, suspicious, unusual, and unnatural deaths are investigated in Oklahoma? It all started in 1955 when Nannie Doss, a 50-year-old woman, confessed to killing eleven family members.

Black Sky Affair

Oh, my space cadets.

Citizen Spotlight: Leading through literacy

In each issue, we are highlighting a person in our community who stands out for their leadership, kindness, and good deeds. Know someone like that?

Black Sky Affair

“Light...travels so fast that it takes most races thousands of years to realize that it travels at all...” - Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

The Toe Tag: The Postmortem Adventures of an Oklahoman Outlaw

You may not recognize the name of Elmer McCurdy.

Haunted Oklahoma

Every year we celebrate the spectacle that is Halloween, with equal parts candy, imagination, and simulated frights, yet there are those among the living who believe there’s but a thinly veiled separation between the realms of the familiar and the unseen.

The Oklahomo Hiker

The Tulsa-based hiking expert that wants queer people to take a hike...literally
As autumn ushers itself in and the outdoors feels less hellish, it’s an excellent time to get out for a hike.


Abstract Remix @ Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center

PACC's January Exhibitions @ Paseo Arts and Creativity Center

PACC's January Exhibitions @ Paseo Arts and Creativity Center

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