Controversial Oklahoma representative proclaims herself a cultural warrior 

Yep, it's Sally Kern again, this time carrying the banner of divine revelation.

According to The Norman Transcript, Sally said the "cultural warrior" title she has proclaimed herself came to her after a lot of praying.

""¦I'm not the typical legislator," Kern told the 'Script. "The Lord showed me right off the bat that I'm not supposed to be. As a matter of fact, my Lord made it very clear to me that I am a cultural warrior. And you know I tried to say 'no' to that, too, 'cause that's pretty hard."

Kern has been talkin' about this "cultural warrior" stuff since an Oklahoma Gazette interview in March 2006. Chicken-Fried News noticed "Culture Warrior" is the title of Bill O'Reilly's book released in September 2006. In the book, O'Reilly declares that there is "one thing that the secular-progressive movement and (al-Qaida) have in common: Both outfits believe that the United States of America is fundamentally a bad (country)."

Hmmm, sound familiar? How about this: "So, I believe we must strive to improve America, but we must also keep faith with the basic tenets of Judeo-Christian philosophy and competitive capitalism that the country was founded on," O'Reilly writes.

Well, compare that to what God has been telling Sally and we think we've found one deity who's a big fan. According to the story, Sally says this country was also founded similarly (although, notably, she leaves out the "Judeo" part).

"When you study them (the Founding Fathers) and read what they had to say, approximately 95 percent of them were Christian, of the Christian religion, professing Jesus Christ as their savior," she said. "True freedom comes from knowing God your creator."

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