Could it be ... Satan? 

They've kept it all pretty hush-hush, but we've heard a few rumors about a band of Satanists renting out the Civic Center for a rousing party complete with a side of exorcism. Nobody else is really talking about it. (Wait "¦ except for every news network out there, plus The Lost Ogle.)

OK, so we're not the first ones to sidle up to the devil party, but we can't pass this one up.

We'd have loved to be in the room when the OKC permit people got a look at this one: The Church of the IV Majesties, which has tax-exempt status as a religious group, spent 260 devilish dollars and filled out all the necessary paperwork to hold a "Satanic exorcism" at the Civic Center Music Hall, according to ABC News.

We weren't aware the Church of the IV Majesties members were a bunch of pencil-pushing accountant types. Satanists are supposed to swoop in all broody-like and just stage their dark rituals wherever the hell they please, right?

Not so, according to the church's James Hale, who goes by the not-at-all-over-the-top title "Lord High Master."

"We don't kill animals, we don't kill children," Hale told ABC News. "We just decided that being right here in the middle of the Bible Belt, it wasn't a good idea to keep the secrecy you see in the traditional Satanist churches."

Good to know.

The non-kitten-killing Oct. 21 ritual is slated to be a fun night for all involved, and will include an "exorcism" to call out all those pesky gods of what Hale called the "right-handed path" " that'd be Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

"It's a parody of the Catholic rite of exorcism," he told ABC News. "It's just a blasphemy ritual."

Oh, just one of those! Why didn't he say that earlier? We had ourselves a quaint blasphemy ritual just the other day.

In all honesty, this doesn't really seem too dark and demented to us. And the city folks, who are allowing the event, seem to agree. What we're most surprised about it how we're not yet hearing a screech of horror coming from the evangelical community.

Maybe they're just too busy worrying about President Obama. After all, a Harris Interactive poll showed that nearly a quarter of those who identify as Republican think Obama may be the Antichrist.

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