Council conspiracy 

Some Oklahoma Republicans would criticize President Barack Obama even if he brought them flowers and candy on Valentine's Day.

Their latest barrage came after Obama created the Council of Governors to advise him on various state issues that the federal government could work with states on solving. The president created the council by executive order and appointed our own Gov. Brad Henry to the council. Seems like a nice gesture.

Henry was an early supporter of Obama when the former Illinois senator ran for the White House in 2008.

But some Republican Liberty Caucus members at the state Capitol smelled something "¦ smelly, a "smelly smell that smells" (to quote that great philosopher, SpongeBob SquarePants' boss Mr. Krabs). No sooner had the ink dried on the press release announcing the Henry appointment, when two Oklahoma legislators were out with denouncing statements and a resolution ready to push through the muck known as the state Legislature.

State Sen. Randy Brogdon, R-Owasso, claimed the Obama-Henry connection "is just one more example of the federal government's ongoing erosion of states' rights." A candidate for governor this year, Brogdon feels the council is a "subversion of the Constitution."

One of Brogdon's complaints is that the council will look into the coordination of state National Guards and the U.S. military.

Yes, that didn't come in handy, oh, say, for the bombing of the Murrah Building in 1995, or the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

Brogdon's concurrent resolution is co-authored by Rep. Charles Key, R-Oklahoma City, who has thrown around his own version of conspiracy stories about the bombing.

Just when it seemed Rep. Mike Ritze's bill calling on candidates for state office to show proof of U.S. birth was the biggest slap to Obama (remember the Birthers who didn't believe Obama was a U.S. citizen?), Brogdon and Key have found a way to up the conspiracy ante.

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