Dear Sally 

We haven't heard from good ol' Rep. Sally Kern in a while, have we? Well, apparently neither has her opponent in the race for House District 84, Brittany Novotny.

Novotny, a national committeewoman for Young Democrats of Oklahoma, is a transgendered attorney who has appeared in these illustrious pages before. Now, she appears as a candidate looking for a little face time with Kern. To get the ball rolling, she has posted an open letter to Kern on her Web site,

So, what does Novotny discuss in the letter? Lots. First she dispenses with some niceties: "As much as we may disagree about policy or the role of government in the lives of individual Oklahomans, I will not be personally attacking you or your family," she writes. "I urge my supporters to avoid personal attacks as well. I firmly believe that we can disagree without being disagreeable."

From there, Novotny gets down to business: "There are many Oklahomans who say they are embarrassed by your words and deeds as a state legislator, and The Journal Record has even devoted an entire editorial admonishing you for your behavior," she writes. "The editorial opined that your behavior was 'damaging (Oklahoma's) credibility and "¦ inhibiting our state's ability to conduct business.' The editorial went on to plead, 'for the good of our state, you must stop embarrassing us.'"

Does the letter sums it all up with a challenge, like meet at high noon for a duel? No, unfortunately nothing that exciting. Novotny challenges Kern to "a couple of town hall meetings."

"I look forward to a vigorous debate with you" " we do too! " "through Election Day on November 2."

And there you have it, folks. Your move, Kern.

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