Dispute between Oklahoma, Texas fan ends 

Texas fan in an Oklahoma City bar last year will have the charges against him dropped.

Attorney Billy Bock told AP that District Attorney David Prater notified him late Tuesday, Nov. 18, that he will dismiss an aggravated assault and battery charge against Allen Michael Beckett, 54.

For those who don't remember this gripping account, Beckett was charged in 2007 after a bar fight in which he is alleged to have torn a man's scrotum by latching onto it during the brawl.

According to the AP, Texas fan Brian Christopher Thomas, 36, walked into a Henry Hudsons Pub wearing a Texas Longhorns T-shirt, eliciting football "trash talk" from Beckett.

Thomas' original account stated that he decided to leave and went to pay his bar tab.

However, according to the AP, Thomas said Beckett set upon him with would-be holding, grasping his testicles so hard that he ripped the man's scrotum.

"He could see both of his testicles hanging on the outside of his body," said Thomas' attorney, Carl Hughes. "He was wearing a pair of white shorts, which made it that much worse."

According to the story, police interviewed Thomas at a nearby emergency room, where doctors sewed 60 stitches into his pouch. Ouch.

First Assistant District Attorney Scott Rowland confirmed to AP that additional witnesses present on the night of the fight swayed prosecutors. Did the "testes"-mony of several
eyewitnesses not hang with what Thomas was alleging?

"These cases are not stagnant," Rowland said. "We became aware of additional witnesses that came to light that made it appear much more like a mutual combat situation."

Bock maintained that Thomas became angry over slurs regarding his Texas shirt and was the aggressor against Beckett. Was Beckett's play just basically a Hail Mary?

"My client was cornered in a position where it was either fight or flight," Bock said. "He grabbed him in between the legs because he (Beckett) was much smaller and much older."

Thus, Beckett will lose no yardage over the play. Bock said the whole scrimmage was hardly worth a penalty.

"If my client had hit him in the nose, this case never would have been filed," Bock said. "My client didn't even go to OU "¦ It was just a bar fight, and not much of a fight."

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