Dogs save life of Oklahoma woman after automobile accident 

A woman who ended up trapped inside an overturned car with four pooches for two days was kept alive by " yes " dog drool.


KSWO-TV Channel 7 of Lawton reported recently Betty McCord, an "elderly Oklahoma woman," was driving her '86 Oldsmobile along Highway 9 (we knew we didn't like that road) when she had some kind of wreck that sent the car off the highway, plunging into the woods, landing upside down.


"It felt like I hit something," she told the station. No kidding!


Somehow, she and four shih tzus " we can't make this stuff up " survived that first ordeal, but then were trapped for 43 hours, according to the report.


"There was no way I could get out," McCord said. "I tried, for two and a half days to get out of there, and I couldn't. "¦ I thought I was dead."


Hmm "¦ nothing like thinking you're going to spend the afterlife trapped in your car.


But, thankfully, Mack, Misty, Ally and Tinkerbell apparently knew what to do, licking their owner's face, which reportedly helped her stay alert. Rescuers say that probably kept McCord alive, according to KSWO. We'll never complain about dog breath again.


Eventually, trooper Tyson Wright spotted McCord's car tracks going off the road. "You couldn't see the car," he noted, but ventured farther, finding it. Per the story, he poked his head in the window and asked McCord if she was OK (!).


McCord's response, after 43 hours of what must have been one really uncomfortable sitting position, not to mention 43 hours of shih tzu slobber?


"I said I will be if you get me the hell outta here," she said she responded.


We at CFN love this lady.


Troopers brought McCord and the dogs Gatorade (a more pleasant flavor than drool, we guess) and got her out of the car.


"All I can tell ya is I was lucky that I got found," McCord said.


Of her dogs, "I will never forget how they acted, not just the wreck," she said. "I just won't forget how they acted."

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