Draft day Q-and-A 

Several ex-Sooners and former Cowboys should be selected in the NFL Draft, which kicks off with a new primetime format Thursday.

These local athletes have been under the microscope since the NFL Combine, with teams scrutinizing their physiques and scouring their personal backgrounds. CFN's own "War Room" has uncovered some earth-shattering facts on these draft prospects regarding their cinematic interests, fashion tips and facial hair preferences that are almost as interesting as draft prognosticator Mel Kiper Jr.'s coiffure:

"Former OU defensive tackle Gerald McCoy's favorite movie is "The Little Mermaid," according to ProFootballTalk.com. The Southeast High School grad admitted this during a live chat at NFL.com.

"I grew up watching the movie with my sister, because I was the only boy," McCoy wrote. "Most of the time I was playing with action figures, but I like music and '(The) Little Mermaid' had a lot of music, so it became my favorite."

CFN did some digging and found that McCoy still had an Ariel doll in his room circa 2005, according to USA Today.

"Cowboys' offensive lineman Russell Okung has more traditional cinematic tastes, listing the predictable "Remember the Titans" as his fave flick, according to OSU's website. And, along with heterosexual males across the globe, he has the hots for Angelina Jolie (or her acting skills, at least).

"Heisman Trophy winner Sam Bradford did not have his draft day wardrobe selected as of April 6. Check out this exchange at Pro Football Weekly:

SB: Absolutely no idea what I am going to wear. I am going to have to get that figured out.
PFW: You don't have a fashion consultant? A girlfriend? A mother? Someone who can help?
SB: I might have to get some girls back in Norman to come over and help me pick one out. (Laughs.)
PFW: Girls, plural? I dig your style, man.
SB: Well, friends. You have to get multiple opinions.

Bradford, a Putnam City North grad, also said he preferred a mustachioed Kevin Wilson to a clean-shaven Kevin Wilson. Offensive coordinators can never be too hirsute. Bring back the 'stache, KW!

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