Soundcheck: Endocrine Twins - K.OS / ctrl 

Never mind that Endocrine Twins sound like nothing out of the state of Oklahoma. The duo barely sounds like anything of this world.


Packed with a unique blend of niche electronic subgenres, the experimental band tops sequenced beats with alien guitars, eccentric synthesizers, and piles of effects. On the occasion that the songs do include lyrics, the words are performed with such disembodied character and are so heavily manipulated that the English language doesn’t even register at times. In person, the members always conceal their faces with hoods and wigs and whatever other odd bits they can track down.


On the group’s debut studio project, which follows a string of wildly varied singles from the past few years, there blooms an essence of identity from within the band’s anonymity. Endocrine Twins splits its new material into two four-track EPs, titled K.OS (“chaos”) and ctrl (“control”). The twin releases complement each other, with the former’s aggressive, unhinged creativity offset by the latter’s steadier atmospherics. Both are incredibly weird.

On K.OS, the tempos are fast, and the flavors are full of punch. Here, 8-bit influences crash into hardcore metal (“IET”), and sludgy, dubstep-influenced industrial sounds glitch into dystopia (“Stop Making Music”). On ctrl, the grooves are more danceable while retaining the duo’s experimentation. Sirens and growls echo into the void (“Graveyard”), and moods slip from off-kilter rock to angsty techno to subdued house in the span of a literal minute (“Ivory Tower”).

Within the creative indulgences that bubble and burst from the double EP, there are strains of commentary on art and life that inform what Endocrine Twins is. Lyrics grapple with power, restriction, and existentialism, all of which fuel the music’s defiance to the status quo. Endocrine Twins is a purveyor of mystery, and whether it serves to excite or disturb is a reflection on not them, but you.

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