Enid club is up front with its discrimination 

Good luck trying to visit the exclusive Chicaro Club in Enid in Garfield County.

According to a recent story by News 9, owner Gary James has a long list of folks who are not welcome in his fine establishment: people who wear hats (because apparently that's gay), anyone without a manly and strong wrist, "trash" (what did old banana peels do to Mr. James, we ask?) and "people on welfare."

Said James: "If you come in here with all the in your face and a limp wrist, no I don't really want you in here and my customers damn sure don't want you in here."

Any attempting customers deemed limp-wristed or inside-hat-wearing are asked to leave, he said.

James doesn't deny he is discriminating. "If I discriminate, it's against the people I dislike."

Wow. Insightful. And here we thought you were supposed to discriminate against people you do like. Silly CFN.

Here's the kicker. James is running for a seat on the Enid City Council. No word on what his platform is, but we're guessing it's one of unity and inclusion.

Oh, did we mention James denies he is racist? The Enid News & Eagle reported he has asked some black people to leave his establishment, but not because of race.

"If a racist is someone who doesn't like unproductive trash, then it's true," James told the paper. "I'm talking about white, black, brown or yellow. I don't like unproductive people. People who know me, know better.

"I don't like girlie men. I'm not fond of men with all kinds of metal in their face. My customers don't want them around, and I don't want them around. I don't consider that racist. I have black friends, but they are productive. Guys who come in with their britches down to their knees won't get served in my place."

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