Evil Toons 

ht="0" scrolling="no" frameborder="0"> In 1990, one movie sought to bridge the world of live-action and illustration, and for its efforts, made away with more than $100 million at the box office. That was "Dick Tracy," of course, but "Evil Toons" came out that year, too.

Only one of them is getting a 20th-anniversary-edition DVD, so well-played, Mr. Fred Olen Ray.

At the start of "Evil Toons," a mysterious man in a hat and cape, played by David Carradine, hangs himself. (Um. foreshadow much?) At the time of his death, some evil force ignites the Necronomicon-esque book he was holding. Later, four sexy women (well, sexy from the neck down, perhaps), are hired to clean the large house. This apparently requires an overnight stay, which prompts the ugliest one of them to strip down to some music and shake her booty at her pals. (So this is what girls do at slumber parties?)

Back to cleaning: They find the cursed tome. It contains a rather comic-book-like drawing of a wolf. With an hour to go, it comes to life (as a cartoon, cheaply but effectively animated), rapes one of the girls, and uses her body as a husk so it can go terrorize the other cast members, including the ever-reliable Dick Miller and the never-reliable Arte Johnson.

"Evil Toons" is not a good movie, but it's enjoyable in fleeting fits and starts, mostly attributed to its gimmick of having a cartoon interact (however briefly) with living, breathing video vixens. The main one is Monique Gabrielle, hiding her B-movie body behind mousy glasses and a frumpy demeanor. While never a great actress, she always operates on a higher level of talent than her female co-stars.

Writer/director Ray appears on a full-length commentary, and a "making of" documentary, which is really just him talking to the camera for 10 minutes, in part discussing the complexities of making it look like a cartoon monster is ripping off a woman's clothes. The man knows his target audience. "?Rod Lott

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