Exhibition finds four area artists experimenting with found objects, pop culture, collage 

rking in a cubicle.

"It took me 23 years of graphic design to realize I'm a sculptor," he said. "I'm about a year and a half since I walked away from the work world in May 2008."

Now a full-time artist, Wright's assemblage of sculptures in "Emergent Artists" include characters that maneuver on wheels, and static pieces representing emotional states. One character is the "Ideator," which is adorned with a tall, copper wire that represents his constant grabbing for new ideas. Another work, "False Sense of Time," has a lamp shining over an embedded metal triangle, creating a deceptive sundial.

"I see our culture as a quest for the shiny objects, to get the job, to get the house, to get the car," Wright said. "In my work, I'm looking at that part of our culture: the stress, the inner turmoil that's going on."

While this is the first time for all four artists to show at Mainsite, this is a first-ever exhibition for Mitchell, a former math teacher. His collages are vivid compositions of paper and glue so meticulously created, they resemble digital prints.

"He cuts from magazines and contemporary pop-culture things," Pitt said. "They're a little bit raw and a little bit in-your-face and very interesting. The cutlines and the glue are very specifically placed so you can't see it; it's seamless."

More muted, but just as detailed, are Capshaw's subtle whitewashed collages. Based in Norman, she usually works as a photographer, only recently experimenting with mixed media.

"They have a lot of map imagery and a lot of very thin lines, and are very ethereal," Pitt said.

Emergent Artists 2009 exhibits through Feb. 6, 2010 at Mainsite Contemporary Art, 122 E. Main in Norman.

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