Eyewitnesses spot alligator at OKC youth park pond 

Remember the alligator sighting at a metro apartment complex last month? Well, the gator's back, and he's signed a new lease to make a city pond his home. Or it could just be an angry beaver.

In October, an alligator was spotted at the Willow Cliff Lakeshore Apartments. Last week, an alligator was spotted about a quarter-mile away at the Dolese Youth Park Pond, according to an article on NewsOK.com. Coincidence? We don't think so.

The gator was spotted in the evening by Jason Hall as he walked his dog. He reported that he noticed something lurking in the waters (watching, waiting). At first he thought it was a beaver, but as the animal swam closer " getting within 10 feet of him and pooch " he realized, "that was no beaver," according to The Oke. Was it the gnashing teeth or the claws that tipped him off?

The gator from the nearby apartment sighting measured in at a puny 2 feet (and this gator was never found after that initial sighting). This gator, however, has packed on some pounds and was measured at about 4 feet. Which means by the time it's spotted again (maybe in the Bricktown Canal? That'd make for one exciting water taxi ride) it'll be a respectable, man-eating 6 feet.

Micah Holmes, spokesman for the state wildlife conservation department, told The Oke the city pond will be searched for the gator. Interestingly, he also mentioned that beavers swim in the same way as Hall described the possible alligator, so maybe it was just one pissed off beaver after all.

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