(Like when a driver drifts on over to the left lane on the highway — without using the blinker, obviously — and then just chills there going, like, 60, completely oblivious and not a care in the world. The effing left lane is for effing passing, people!)

See? Happens to the best of us. But here’s a little CFN PSA for you: Don’t shoot other drivers in the face. We don’t care how annoying they are (like the girl driving the massive SUV — with a vanity plate — who refuses to let you merge because for some mysterious reason, she considers it an act on par with spitting on the memory of your beloved grandmother), no one deserves to take a bullet to the ol’ noggin.

From Tulsa’s News on 6 comes this charming humanitarian tale: At around 1 a.m. on March 18, a driver was tailgating. (Annoying? Yes, but not worth drawing weapons.)

Anyway, the tailgater and the tailgatee (along with two passengers) stopped and got into some sort of battle of words, said the station. The tailgatee and his buddies got back in their car, but the tailgater wasn’t having it. He reportedly grabbed a gun from his car and opened fire on the other car. And one of those bullets hit the tailgatee in the face. In the cheek!

Shot-in-the-face guy was rushed to the hospital and is expected to recover, but the shooter took off and, as of press time, is missing. The suspect was driving a dark-colored Toyota Celica, so if you see one, better play it safe.

Seriously, people, we know how rude other drivers can be, but no firearms, OK? Stick to flipping the bird.

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