Faith, family and flag 

When she first campaigned for Oklahoma's 5th Congressional District back in 2006, Mary Fallin wrapped herself in the American flag and proclaimed the motto "Faith, Family and Freedom." Now, as a two-term Congresswoman, Fallin has wrapped herself with the Tea Party and tells Democrats, "Don't tread on me."

On the day the U.S. House of Representatives made their historic vote to approve health care reform legislation, thousands of protesters chanted outside the nation's Capitol building yelling slogans and other things that usually come from Chicken-Fried News intern Bucky's mouth.

This massive mob, angry at Democrats, were joined by many Republican representatives. Standing from high, easy-to-be-seen places at the Capitol, some GOP members held signs to encourage a chant of "kill the bill" and "let's meet 'em at the state line," according to a story from McClatchy Newspapers.

Then it was Mary's turn. Joined by two fellow Republicans, Fallin took her place up high and helped holding up the flag that has become the mantra of the Tea Party. Dressed in red with the sun helping her blonde hair to glow, the distinguished Congresswoman from Oklahoma grasped the end of the "Don't tread on me" flag and smiled to the crowd. The flag is a bright yellow and has a coiled snake in the middle showing a ready-to-strike pose. It has been mainly used as a symbol for the American military, which dates back to the founding of the country.

But now with the help of Okie Mary, the flag is a battle cry against changes to health insurance. So as Fallin marches across the state in the coming months on her campaign to be Oklahoma's next governor, faith, family and freedom may have to step aside for "Don't tread on Mary."

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