Flower Review: Grape Jam 

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  • Kimberly Lynch
  • Grape Jam from Ringside Medical

Strain name: Grape Jam

Grown by: Mary Mechanix

Acquired from: Ringside Medical

Date acquired: May 21

THC/CBD percentages: 18.36 percent/zero percent/21.79 percent total cannabinoids (per Scissortail Laboratory, LLC)

Physical traits: Primarily purple hues with strong orange hairs and dense, frosty trichomes

Bouquet: Sweet, yet floral

Review: The buds were dry but not brittle and came apart in my hands, leaving more trichome dust than oil on my fingers. The purple hues really come out once you run Grape Jam through a grinder, and the smell also gets sweeter. The smoke itself was also sweet, and maybe I’m just prone to the power of suggestion, but I tasted a light grape hint as well. I took a couple large hits of this one then sat back and let it run its course. It took a few minutes for the full effects to hit, and while strong, they were not overpowering. A general sense of euphoria and relaxation ensued, and I was still feeling the first half of the bowl when I consumed the second half about half an hour later. Despite a variant on the strain name, co-owner Chase O’Grady tells me this is the same genetic hybrid cross as Grape Jelly. The effects were split between being both calm and energetic. It is definitely one that enhances a social setting but can be enjoyed as a solo excursion. I could recommend this for any time of day for both casual and experienced cannabis patients, and especially for those who enjoy an exotic-tasting and smelling smoke. 

Cannabis effects vary wildly from patient to patient based on a multitude of factors, including THC tolerance, brain chemistry and personal taste. This review is based on the subjective experience of one patient.

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