Best breakfast


several metro locations

Whether you’re hankering to start the day with two eggs and a slice of ham or an omelet loaded with everything from asparagus to sausage, Jimmy’s Egg is certain to hit the spot. For 30 years, this most egg-cellent (see what we did there?) breakfast eatery has been keeping the coffee hot and the bacon sizzling. 2. Classen grill, 5124 N. Classen Blvd. 3. Beverly’s pancake House, 3315 Northwest Expressway Worth mentioning: Cafe Antigua, Cafe Kacao

Best brunch


2409 N. Hudson

Are you serious about brunching? Olympic gold-medal serious? If you are, and you’ve not been to Cheever’s, then you should probably get a new trainer. This “Best of OKC” veteran has nabbed 2012’s title for best service and the elusive best restaurant. It’s not really a surprise that this renovated wonder also has the market cornered for mimosas and migas. 2. ingrid’s kitchen, 3701 N. Youngs 3. la Baguette Bistro, 7408 N. May Worth mentioning: Cafe 501, Rococo

Best lunch


530 N.W. 23rd

For lunch, connoisseurs of deliciousness need look no further than Big Truck Tacos, boasting such offbeat tacos as the Flaming Lips (hickory-smoked tongue with pico de gallo, avocado and queso fresco) and the 5th Amendment (who knows what it’ll be from day to day?) to wonderful burritos and ceviche. Damn, we got ourselves hungry just writing about it. 2. saturn grill, 6432 Avondale Drive; 4401 W. Memorial 3. Tucker’s onion Burgers, 324 N.W. 23rd Worth Mentioning: City Bites, Taco Mayo

Best hamburgers


5929 N. May; 20 N.W. Ninth

Fat, messy and irresistible — that’s how we’d describe the burgers of Gazette readers’
No. 1 pick for satisfying that inner Wimpy. S&B’s has quickly
earned its reputation as a hamburger haven with an array of unique,
mouth-watering offerings. Hey, when you can order a burger smothered in
peanut butter (the Elvis, incidentally), you’re on to something special.
2. irma’s Burger shack, 1035 N.W. 63rd and 1120 Classen Drive 3. Johnnie’s Charcoal Broiler, several metro locations Worth mentioning: Tucker’s Onion Burgers, Nic’s Grill

Best sandwiches


several metro locations

Gazette readers
say City Bites offers up the tastiest sandwiches. Whether you’re
craving smoky-sweet mesquite chicken or light veggie fillings, City
Bites has what you desire. The menu is also stocked with a nice variety
of soups, salads and wraps. Most remarkable, perhaps, is that City Bites
has found a way to put broccoli in a sandwich — and it tastes great. 2. someplace else, 2310 N. Western 3. prairie Thunder, 1114 Classen Drive Worth mentioning: Neptune Submarine Sandwiches, ND Foods

Best barbecue restaurant


several metro locations

The finger-lickin’ fare of Earl’s Rib Palace is again tops with Gazette readers,
and that’s saying something in a city and state not exactly hurting for
good barbecue. And if you’re not in the mood for barbecue, other Earl’s
favorites include grilled chicken, juicy burgers and baked beans. 2. iron starr urban Barbeque, 3700 N. Shartel 3. van’s pig stand, several metro locations Worth mentioning: Swadley’s Bar-B-Q, Ray’s Smokehouse

Best pizza place


several metro locations

else? With only one exception, Gazette readers have selected Hideaway
Pizza as “best pizza” every year the category was included on the ballot
since 1999. The original Hideaway was founded in 1957 in Stillwater
with a philosophy of making both employees and customers happy, and of
course, making great pizza pie. OKC evidently thinks that’s a pretty
sound philosophy. 2. The Wedge, 4709 N. Western; 230 N.E. First 3. sauced on paseo, 2912 Paseo Worth mentioning: Sandro’s, Upper Crust, Joey’s Pizzeria

Best steakhouse 


1309 s. Agnew

in historic Stockyards City, Cattlemen’s Steakhouse isn’t so much a
restaurant as an Oklahoma City institution. The restaurant’s origins —
won in a dice game in 1945 — are the stuff of legend, but its thick,
juicy steaks are the stuff of dreams, provided your dreams are
carnivorous. And the meat is just part of the allure, since Cattlemen’s
is also renowned for its catfish, salads and yep, lamb fries. Trust us
on this. 2. Red primesteak, 504 N. Broadway 3. The Ranch steakhouse, 3000 W. Britton Worth mentioning: Mahogany, The Mantle

Best sushi


4318 N. Western

Neko is no stranger to the “Best of OKC” list. In fact, this delightful
Asian bistro has topped the charts since 2000, dominating the category
since 2008. And no wonder. The terrific service and heavenly rolls have
ensured a loyal following. Don’t leave without trying the Lady Love roll
or the hearty Red Canyon. Wash it down with some sake or an Asahi. 2. in the Raw, several metro locations 3. Tokyo Japanese Restaurant, 7516 N. Western Worth mentioning: Pachinko Parlor, Saii Asian Bistro

Best vegetarian or healthy menu options


several metro locations The
metro has been receptive to this winning concept, which has flourished
over the last couple of years. Coolgreens’ inventive salads, wraps and
pizzas are a painless — and delicious — way of getting your
daily-recommended allowance of fruits and vegetables. Even the
veggie-averse can find sustenance with options including turkey, ham,
chicken and seafood. 2. picasso Cafe, 3009 Paseo 3. The earth Natural foods and deli, 746 Asp, Norman Worth mentioning: The Red Cup, Matthew Kenney OKC

Best patio dining


1300 Classen, Norman

hard to think about being on a patio right now. But, eventually these
horrific temps will give way to breezes that don’t feel like an oven,
and the patio retreat at The Mont is a favorite for University of
Oklahoma students and faithful patrons alike. Grab a frozen beverage to
help coax those temps down. 2. louie’s grill & Bar, several metro locations 3. The Wedge, 4709 N. Western and 230 N.E. First Worth mentioning: Flip’s Wine Bar and Trattoria, Republic Gastropub

Best liquor store


2322 N. Broadway

it is: The shop has a remarkable selection of bottles and cans awaiting
your imbibing needs, and plenty of registers to get you in and out in a
flash. Open since 1959, Byron’s appeals to customers of today by
posting its weekly specials on Facebook. 2. Broadway Wine Merchants, 824 N. Broadway 3. pancho’s liquortown, 6801 N. Meridian Worth mentioning: Sam’s Warehouse Liquor, Grand Cru Wine and Spirits

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