Fishing expedition

As Oklahoma City diversifies its Japanese offerings, Shawn’s Sushi struggles to keep up.
It might come as a surprise, but the case can be made that sushi is now more popular in the United States than it is in Japan.

GOP burger

At Little Mike’s, onion burgers are served with a side of conservative political humor
With endorsements from U.S. Rep. Steve Russell (R-Oklahoma City), Tulsa businessman and Republican runoff candidate for governor Kevin Stitt and U.S. Senator James Lankford (R-Oklahoma City), Mike Laham could potentially run for office.

Line up

L&G’s on the Blvd delivers a Southern comfort buffet and a tough-to-beat price point.
There are few activities that make me happier than finding a good meal in an unexpected location.

Decade strong

With fresh ingredients and loyal customers, Grill on the Hill watches as Capitol Hill grows.
Nestled at the top of Commerce Street, Grill on the Hill celebrated its 10th anniversary earlier this year and has watched as the historic neighborhood has begun to revitalize around it.

Neighborhood legacy

Ray’s Café honors its late owner with affordable meals and Persian food.
As Shermin Khazaeli and Reza “Ray” Moeeni began a long-distance relationship between Oklahoma City and Tehran, Iran, in 2009, many of the “dates” occurred over Skype as Moeeni introduced Khazaeli to many of the regular customers at his restaurant, Ray’s Café, 2727 NW 50th St.

Santa Fe dreaming

If you’re craving New Mexican food, just drive to Yukon’s Green Chile Kitchen.
My very first meal in Santa Fe, New Mexico, has lingered in my memory for nearly two decades.

Hidden delight

Tandoor delivers delicious Indian dishes while connected to a truck stop.
Some of the best food of my life has been eaten in a gas station.

Okie Cajun

Cajun Corner isn’t trying to be truly authentic, and it delivers well-seasoned seafood in a fast-casual concept.
The children of Vietnamese refugees, Nam and Rick Nguyen were born in Beaumont, Texas, where their family found their footing in the shrimp boat industry.

Venerable choice

Choice Cafe delivers good food in a warm environment despite an exterior that connotes speed and convenience.
We’ve probably all heard the adage “Don’t judge a book by its cover” so many times that we judge anyone who uses it.

Solid foundation

Menu staples of burgers and grilled cheese anchor Hopscotch in its first-year transition.
Hopscotch is a game that crosses generations.

Little fire

The Paseo benefits from El Fogoncito, but it doesn’t quite hold up to early experiences.
In the discussion of factors that influence housing prices, easy access to a quality taqueria should go right up there with the quality of the education system and crime rates.

Fore-course meal

The Golf Club Diner at Lake Hefner Golf Club is one of the best deals in the city.
The question you’re more likely to get at the restaurant with the best eggs Benedict and hamburger deals in town isn’t “Do you want fries with that?” It’s “How’d you shoot today?”


Chile Pepper Café delivers memorable queso and vegetarian rolled tacos.
The smell of roasted peppers and smoked brisket permeates the air inside Chile Pepper Café, which should be a recipe for success, but according to owner Debra Haney, people have had trouble locating the restaurant tucked inside of a shopping center near the border between north Oklahoma City and Edmond.

Fork-free dining

Oklahoma’s first Ethiopian restaurant still delivers a flavorful communal dining experience.
In some ways, teff flour is a magical ingredient.

Chef-inspired Tex-Mex

Iguana Mexican Grill showcases the benefit of last year’s renovation and refocused menu.
Iguana Mexican Grill has been a serving Tex-Mex in Oklahoma City since opening at its original Western Avenue location from 1999 to 2004 as Iguana Lounge before opening in Automobile Alley, 9 NW Ninth St., in 2008 under its current name.

Soul comfort

Vesa’s Soul Food delivers comfort food worthy of a heart-eyes emoji.
Travessa Burge always enjoyed cooking the recipes she learned while growing up in New Orleans for family and friends in Oklahoma City.

Solid slice

Back on solid ground, Falcone’s pizza by-the-slice is worth a visit.
Falcone’s Pizzeria is a case study in the pitfalls of rapid expansion.

Filling a void

In-house smoked meats shine at Scottie’s Deli, which is exactly what Oklahoma City needs.
The pictures lining the ceiling at Scottie’s Deli showcase some of the country’s most famous delicatessens —Katz’s in New York; Chicago’s Delicatessen Meyer; and Columbus, Ohio’s Milo’s Deli and Café are joined by others, depicting the country’s rich heritage of Jewish, German and Italian grocers and sandwich makers.

Off night

The Manhattan OKC executes Rococo favorites but struggles when venturing outside familiar territory.
Chef Bruce Rinehart has built a culinary empire in Oklahoma City since bringing his East Coast-style seafood restaurant Rococo to two successful locations. Rinehart is a five-time best chef winner of Oklahoma Gazette’s Best of OKC reader poll.


Super Tortas El Chavo lives up to its namesake with giant sandwiches that pack flavor into each layer of meat.
For many Spanish speakers across the world, one of the most recognizable characters is El Chavo, from the uber-popular sitcom El Chavo del Ocho and subsequent spinoffs, including an animated series that began in the mid-2000s.

Corporate nourishment

Nebu encourages healthy eating for Devon employees and all of downtown OKC.
For a first-time visitor inside Devon Energy Center, I was certainly impressed with the gleaming mezzanine that reminded me of Star Fleet Academy from the most recent Star Trek film franchise.

Fresh Press

The newest restaurant from Hungry Town Concepts deftly creates contemporary Oklahoman comfort food.
On more than one occasion while walking through 16th Street Plaza District, I’ve either been stopped by someone on the street or overheard someone ask the same question: How do you get to The Press?


Caeli’s Sweets, Eats, & Bar thrives from poke offerings and finding a non-messy way to eat a meatball sandwich.
Film Row has undergone a transformation the last few years with the opening of the 21C Museum Hotel, The Jones Assembly and more.

Shine on

Aurora delivers locally sourced, chef-inspired breakfast and lunch options without breaking the bank.
Since opening almost exactly a year ago, Aurora Breakfast, Bar & Backyard has become a beacon for locally sourced brunch and savory options at its prominent Plaza District location at 1704 NW 16th St.      Owners Aimee and Jeff Struble have found success in real estate, owning the building that houses Aurora and a few other retail and gallery spaces, and that success has continued with Aurora.      “We’ve had very consistent business since opening,” manager Christee Whittig said.

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