Former Oklahoma City broadcaster hosts new Fox game show 

Former KWTV Channel 9 sportscaster Chris Harrison has a new gig to keep him out of the soup kitchen lines between seasons of ABC's "The Bachelor": as host of Fox's latest game show, "The Moment of Truth."


The show, which premiered Jan. 23, submits contestants to a battery of 21 personal questions, increasing on a discomfort level as they proceed. As long as the participants answer truthfully " as determined by a lie detector " they advance and win more money.


Harrison's role is to sit there and ask embarrassing questions regarding fidelity, inappropriate touching, peeking at genitals and other issues verging on a TV-MA rating. Oh, and pause. He's very "¦ good at "¦ pausing, thus "¦ supposedly to "¦ heighten "¦ the "¦ sus "¦ pen "¦ se. (Did he pick that up in his classes at Oklahoma City University?)


But the whole thing strikes us as skeevy and sleazy, and hey, we're Chicken-Fried News! We usually delight in the skeevy and sleazy. It's OK, Chris, we know you're only doing it for the money. No need to submit to a polygraph to prove that.


UPDATE:  Turns out CFN has reported the wrong 411 on Chris Harrison (left); the OCU grad is set to host "Hollywood 411" on the TV Guide network while Mark Walberg (right) -- who does resemble Harrison -- is the host of the Fox "Moment of Truth" series.


And believe it or not, Walberg the host is not to be confused with Mark Wahlberg of "Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch" fame. But the Fox media materials with Walberg must not have told the photographers. They uploaded his press photo with his name spelled Mark Wahlberg. It's so confusing, we need a polygraph to ensure our understanding.

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