Former Oklahoma football star is not sorry for Booming 

Legendary University of Oklahoma football player Billy Sims received a little flack over his, shall we say, boisterous response to another OU player's win of college football's coveted Heisman Trophy. As soon as the OU quarterback Sam Bradford's name was read as the 2008 recipient of the award, a loud boom could be heard in the New York City hotel hall and television sets across the country. That boom was Sims' voice shouting "Boomer!" as Bradford walked up to the podium to give his acceptance speech. Bradford became the fifth Sooner to win the Heisman, and was surrounded at the podium by three other OU Heisman winners " Steve Owens, Jason White and Sims.

But it wasn't just one boomer echoing from New York to living rooms. It was 11 boomer calls. On one YouTube video, someone is counting along.

Was it embarrassing? A little. Was it over the top? A little. Was it, "Come on, Billy, we get it?" Yes. Do we care? Hell, no.

It wasn't like Billy was doing his high-stepping he used to do after scoring Sooner touchdowns in the '70s on Owen Field. The boomer call is Oklahoma's version of the rebel yell. As soon as a boomer is let out, it is supposed to be immediately followed by some other OU fan responding "Sooner."

After his reaction caught the attention of Internet video voyeurs, Sims apologized to anyone he embarrassed, but did not promise to never do it again in such a setting. Good. And next time, Billy, follow it up with a little high-stepping like you just scored against Nebraska.

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