Former Sha Na Na performer visits Oklahoma capitol 

You're not supposed to trust anyone over 30, but anyone under the age of 35 may not get this story. Last week, the folks at the state Capitol took a trip down greaser lane while passing legislation aimed at cover bands.

If this line rings a bell " "Bom-ba-ba-bom, ba-bom-ba-ba-bom, ba-ba-bom-ba-ba-bom, da-dang-da-da-dang, da-dingy-dong-ding" " then you may know how this story ends. The Legislature received a visit from Jon Bauman, otherwise known as "Bowzer" from the group Sha Na Na, a popular rock 'n' roll revivalist band from the 1960s and '70s. Bowzer served as lead singer of the group, well known for his slicked-back hair, white T-shirt and jeans when performing. But speaking before the House Judiciary Committee, Bowzer was kept in the memory closet and Jon Bauman addressed the committee wearing a suit and tie.

He was promoting the Truth in Music Advertising Act, a bill sponsored by Rep. Mike Thompson, R-Oklahoma City. The bill bans the advertising and performance of so-called cover bands in Oklahoma. These bands give audiences a look and sound of popular music groups, yet have no connection to the more famous acts.

"These people are taking (original bands') jobs, their money and their legacy," Bauman told the committee.

Should the bill become law, Oklahoma would join more than two dozen states Bauman has visited which have enacted such legislation. Bauman was appointed as the chair of a committee from the Vocal Group Hall of Fame to stamp out imposter bands.

"It's a bizarre form of identity theft," Bauman said.

After the committee unanimously approved the bill, Bowzer thanked the lawmakers with his signature line and posed for a few photos with his trademark fist in the air and mouth wide open. Fortunately, none of the legislators tried their own Bowzer impersonation. Otherwise, the doctor of the day might have made an emergency call to the committee room.

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