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While the forecast predicts a relatively mild few weeks for the remainder of National Soup Month, you can still warm up with one of this season’s most beloved comfort foods. Though you’ll likely find at least one soup on most menus in the metro, here are seven places to find one that will sustain and soothe.

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  • FRIDA southwest

FRIDA southwest

405-683-7432 • 500 Paseo Dr.

This stylish Paseo eatery prides itself on offering organic Southwestern-inspired dishes. Here you’ll find a new soup offering each day, but their hearty tortilla soup has earned a permanent place on the menu. This combination of pulled chicken in a green chili-tomato broth with avocado, cotija, crispy tortilla strips and crema will leave you full but still wanting.

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  • Jones Assembly

Jones Assembly

405-212-2378 • 901 W Sheridan Ave.

Whether you go for the live music, the bingo or simply the ambiance, The Jones Assembly is the perfect place to find a strong drink and a rotating menu of delicious eats. Their winter menu currently features their delectable Chowdah, made with New England clams, potato, lardon and corn, served covered in a wood-fired dough perfect for dipping.

Scratch Kitchen & Cocktails Paseo

405-602-2302 • 605 NW 28th St.

As the name states, Scratch specializes in creating wholesome made-from-scratch meals that are both healthy and satisfying. With a focus on locally-sourced ingredients, the menu changes seasonally, allowing diners to experience a diverse range of produce and flavors. The forager’s soup is worth savoring with its sweet corn broth, wilted greens, mushrooms and seasonal tender crops.

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  • The Press

The Press

405-208-7739 • 1610 N Gatewood Ave.

A solid place to find southern comfort food, The Press offers a variety of homestyle dishes with their own twist. Whether you choose it as a starter or your main dish, the green chili chowder is sure to impress. This creamy chowder features bacon, corn and green chilis for a tasty and filling soup with a bit of a kick.

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  • Paseo Grill

Paseo Grill

405-601-1079 • 2909 Paseo Dr.
At Paseo Grill, you’ll find a menu full of gourmet American fare cloaked in the romantic ambiance of one of the district's oldest restaurants. While you won’t find many soups on the menu, the creamy mushroom soup is a longtime patron favorite, and for good reason — this velvety mushroom soup boasts a rich and earthy flavor with the help of button mushrooms and Port Salut cheese.

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  • Cafe Cuvee

Cafe Cuvee

405-898-8120 • 1200 N Walker Ave.
Lovers of French cuisine will delight in Cafe Cuvee’s traditional menu. Tomato basil fans will find a satisfying fix here, but those looking for another classic can transport themselves to the streets of old Paree with the onion soup gratinee. Beloved for its rich broth and the flavors of sweet and savory caramelized onions, this soup is finished with melted Swiss cheese and toast points.

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  • Kitchen No. 324

Kitchen No. 324

405-763-5911 • 324 N Robinson Ave.

A great place to find a menu packed with nutritious and delicious eats, Kitchen No. 324 is the perfect stop to help you stick to those resolutions you made on New Year’s. For a warm bowl of creamy comfort, the potato leek soup is sure to hit the spot. If a bowl isn’t enough, pair it with a fresh salad or a Really Fancy Grilled Cheese for a more balanced meal.

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  • The Press
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