Gazedibles: Pork pride

Next Tuesday (Aug. 20) isn’t a bank holiday, but it should be a day people can take off work and celebrate their desire for bacon. It’s National Bacon Lover’s Day, and these are seven restaurants where you can celebrate in style.

Gazedibles: Town toast

A sandwich can be transformed from mundane to memorable by adding some melted cheese and crispy bread. These seven restaurants offer some of the best for toasted sandwiches in the city.

Gazedibles: Catfish cavalcade

Oklahoma is a landlocked state, but it is also home to many catfish farms. Dig into the succulent freshwater fish at these seven establishments when you have the craving.

Gazedibles: Schmear tactics

Friday is National Bagelfest Day. Many of the food holidays are simply the name of the food followed by “day,” but the bagel gets “fest” because it’s worthy of celebration. 

All scream

There’s really never a bad time to have ice cream. It can be comforting even when there’s snow on the ground, but there’s nothing like a scoop or two or three when the temperatures are approaching triple digits.

Gazedibles: Late-night eats

What happens when it’s after 10 p.m. and you’ve got a craving for a better option than something that comes from a drive-thru window? These seven restaurants are here to answer the late-night call of hunger.

Gazedibles: Stateside surprises

Apple pie is from England and ketchup was invented in China, so two foods that are associated with the U.S. are not from here. To celebrate the country’s independence, we are highlighting foods that are actually from the good ol’ U.S. of A.

Gazedibles: Elevated drive-thru

The city is full of drive-thru and grab-and-go options for tacos, burgers and fried chicken, but what happens when you’ve got a night on the town planned but still want to indulge in those fast-food delights? By Jacob Threadgill with photos Gazette / file and provided

PRIDE Gazedibles: Prideful eats

In honor of Pride Week in Oklahoma City, we’re highlighting restaurants that are offering something special for Pride Month or that go out of their way to make sure everyone feels comfortable with menu selection, service and location. By Jacob Threadgill with Gazette / file and provided photos

Gazedibles: Perfect picnic

School is out and there is not a better time to enjoy a nice picnic. Whether you want to take food on the go to eat outside or have more of a “picnic of the mind,” these restaurants serve some of the items most important for a great spread.

Gazedibles: Delectable doughnuts

You can go nuts for doughnuts with these seven bakeries in Oklahoma City. Whether you want gourmet, classic, yeast or cake, they have you covered.

Gazedibles: Beat the heat

We’re only days away from the temperatures getting to unbearable levels. In this issue dedicated to all things summer, these are seven places that will help you beat the heat.

Gazedibles: Chocolate holiday

The classic American chocolate chip cookie was invented at Toll House Inn in Massachusetts by chefs Ruth Graves Wakefield and Sue Brides in 1938. Today (May 15) is National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day.

Gazedibles: New ’cue

May is National Barbecue Month, and we’re celebrating by honoring some new and inventive concepts in the metro.
May is National Barbecue Month, and we’re celebrating by honoring some new and inventive concepts in the metro. By Jacob Threadgill with photos provided

Gazedibles: Fresh concepts

Can you believe we are almost halfway through 2019? Plenty of new concepts opened in Oklahoma City this year.

Gazedibles: Garlic glory

April is national garlic month. These seven restaurants have dishes that will help you celebrate the month and make sure your breath smells great.

Gazedibles: Bold Benedicts

Eggs Benedict traces its origins to the request of a Wall Street broker at New York City’s famous Waldorf Astoria hotel in the late 19th century. A lot has changed for this traditional brunch staple, and these seven restaurants offer their take on a classic.

Gazedibles: Menu additions

Just when you think you have got some of your favorite restaurants figured out, they go and change or add some things. We are highlighting some of our favorite new full-time additions to menus across the metro area.

Gazedibles: Tomato fresh

April is a celebration of Florida tomatoes all month, and April 6 is National Fresh Tomato Day. Get a jump on celebrating the tomato at these seven restaurants.

Gazedibles: Sweet griddle

If you like pancakes but are looking for something more fun than the standard syrup and occasional blueberry or pecan, these seven restaurants have you covered. Try everything from pancakes with bacon inside to ones with marshmallow topping.

Gazedibles: Delightful dips

There are many classic dips like pimento cheese, spinach and artichoke, and hummus that you can get at the grocery store, but these seven restaurants offer different takes on those classics. By Jacob Threadgill with photos Gazette / file and provided

ALCOHOLMANAC Gazedibles: All seasons

We are in a weird season in Oklahoma right now when it can be both warm and cold in the same week. We have you covered with seasonal drinks that can hit the spot, depending on the temperature outside. 

Peanut Pride

Allergens be damned, we are celebrating the peanut because March is National Peanut Month, a designation in place since 1974. As a savory topping, a burger condiment or part of a sweet dessert, the mighty peanut can be used in a variety of ways.

Gazedibles: Legacy-building

To honor the final week of Black History Month, we are highlighting seven black-owned restaurants in the metro that opened in the past few years.  By  Jacob Threadgill with photos by Alexa Ace, provided and Gazette / file


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