Fry day

You might’ve seen the internet recently go crazy over a Harvard professor who said the perfect serving of french fries should only be six fries. We’re not cautioning that kind of scarcity with this list that highlights some of the best french fries in the city.

Breakfast craving

What happens when you have a hankering for pancakes and sausage but it’s afternoon or later? These seven restaurants will be sure to provide all of the waffles and bacon that you’d like, Ron Swanson-style. 

Gazedibles: Resolute eating

Calorie counts go out the window over the holidays, but now that we’ve turned the calendar over to 2019, it’s time to start making those New Year’s resolutions come to fruition. These seven restaurants allow you to eat out while staying true to your goals.

Gazedibles: Poppin’ bottles

Celebrating the New Year can be done with the masses on New Year’s Eve or even a few days before (we won’t tell anyone), and while champagne is the traditional celebratory drink of choice, we realize it’s not for everyone. Here are seven restaurants with good drinks and great environments.

Gazedibles: Christmas cookies

It’s time for Christmas, and Santa shouldn’t be the only one getting his fill on delicious cookies. Remember, cookies will keep you warm this winter. 

Yuletide eats

Chinese restaurants serving as a haven for people who don’t celebrate Christmas or perhaps had their meal eaten by the neighbor’s herd of bloodhounds has been planted in pop culture for decades. You can get your fill in the Asian District as well as everywhere else in the metro on Christmas Day.

Gazedibles: Great 2018

This year has seen Oklahoma City’s food scene grow by leaps and bounds with several new restaurants, bars and coffee shops that embrace food diversity, locally sourced ingredients and a uniquely Oklahoman perspective. These seven have been welcome additions to OKC. 

Gazedibles: Thanksgiving cleanse

After a hedonistic week of eating Thanksgiving food, these seven restaurants will allow you to get on the right track before the next holiday.  By Jacob Threadgill with photos provided and Gazette / file

Gazedibles: Festive sips

The weather outside might be frightful, but these drinks will be a delightful way to warm up this holiday season. By Jacob Threadgill | Photos Gazette / file and provided

Holidays: Gazedibles' Turkey venture

There are a lot of reasons not to eat at home during Thanksgiving, and there is certainly no judgment from us if you don’t want to debate the merits of estate taxes just to get some green bean casserole. Luckily, these seven restaurants are open to serve on Turkey Day.

Sooner statehood

In honor of Oklahoma’s statehood anniversary later this month (Nov. 16), indulge in the official state meal by getting some of the best renditions of parts of the meal or try to tackle the entire thing every Tuesday. By Jacob Threadgill with photos by Alexa Ace, provided and Gazette / file

Gazedibles: Braised and stewed

It’s fall, which means there are times when a slow-cooked stew or braised meat is the only answer for your cravings. If you don’t feel like spending the hours it takes to pull off some of these dishes at home, these seven restaurants have you covered.

Gazedibles: Trick or treat?

It’s trick-or-treat time, and in honor of Halloween, we’ve put together a list of restaurants that feature some of the most divisive foods in the U.S. diet: mayonnaise, cilantro, olives, coconut, blue cheese and okra. 

Gazedibles: Soup’s on

It might have taken until the middle of October for a chill to finally hit the air, but it’s here. There is no better way to warm your soul than with a bowl or cup of a tasty soup.

Gazedibles: Gluten mindfulness

Although full-on celiac disease affects about 200,000 new cases every year in the country, there are many more that are gluten-insensitive. These seven restaurants not only make gluten-free substitutions on the menu, they have more than one option.

Gazedibles: Beyond Tex-Mex

We love traditional Tex-Mex and its Okie-adjacent variants (let me bathe in complimentary cheese sauce), but there are a lot of restaurants in the metro area highlighting authentic cuisine from all over Central and South America. By Jacob Threadgill with photos by Alexa Ace and Gazette / file

Gazedibles: Cake craving

We’re not talking about cupcakes or a small cake bite. These are either full-sized cakes or decadent slices that will fully satisfy your craving for moist and sweet desserts that a pie can just never touch.

Gazedibles: Fall treats

We’re only a few years away from the season officially changing from being called “fall” to simply “PSL season” due to the runaway success of all things pumpkin spice, especially the namesake pumpkin spice latte. These seven eateries provide the pumpkin spice as well as other fall offerings.

Gazedibles: Tasty bird

Chicken outside the fried variety doesn’t hold a high enough position in the U.S. protein power rankings, but it can be much more flavorful than the sad, dried-out chicken breast that sometimes tops an uninspired salad. We pay tribute to the best non-fried chicken dishes the city has to offer.

Gazedibles: Tacocation

You don’t have to wait until Tuesday to get tacos. They’re a food worthy of any meal on any day of the week.

Gazedibles: Big game-watching

Let’s face it: finding a true sports bar where it’s possible to get good food and watch your game of choice this fall can be difficult in Oklahoma City. The upcoming Chalk luxury sports bar near Memorial and Western avenues strives to be the answer we’re looking for, but it won’t be ready for this football season.

Gazedibles: Summer seasonal

Summer is peak time for produce and inventive menus across the city. These seven restaurants have had fun with food trends and local ingredients to create some memorable seasonal menu additions.

Gazedibles: Decadent desserts

Restaurant desserts can be a tricky proposition. Often you can find the same flourless chocolate cake or Key lime pie across menus as restaurateurs place more emphasis on quickly turning tables than customers enjoying another item.

Gazedibles: Corner slice

Fancy local pizza places get a lot of buzz—and rightfully so—but getting a large pizza that costs more than $20 isn’t always an everyday option. This is a list of quality neighborhood pizzerias that have good service and large pizzas that cost less than $10.

Indian tacos

You don’t have to wait for fall and the state fair to get an indulgent fry bread Indian taco. Whether you’re looking for a classic location that has been serving them for decades or something a little more modern, these seven restaurants have you covered.


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