Alcoholmanac Gazedibles: Signature cocktails

In honor of Alcoholmanac 2020, we’re honoring seven signature drinks you can only order at the restaurant or bar that made them famous. By Jacob Threadgill with provided and Gazette / file photos

Gazedibles: New brew

March is national caffeine awareness month. You should be “aware” of these seven new coffee shops that have opened in the metro since December 2018.

Gazedibles: Cured meats

Long before refrigeration, curing meat and cheese — along with pickling vegetables — was the best way to preserve products. Luckily for us, the process also creates more flavor.

Gazedibles: Date night

Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday this year, so it is  likely that many restaurants are already booked up that day, but it is always worth a shot. Even if you aren’t celebrating on the 14th, these seven restaurants make a great date night any day of the year.

Gazedibles: Tater time

February is designated Potato Lovers’ Month, and Feb. 2 is National Tater Tot day. Celebrate with seven unique interpretations of the humble potato.

Gazedibles: Seeking heat

Are you something of a heat seeker? This is your week to rejoice, as Thursday is International Hot and Spicy Food Day.

Gazedibles: Bean counter

The humble bean should get more respect than being a punchline for making you “toot.” Full of protein and heart-healthy fiber, it’s one of the most important foods for staying healthy and active. These seven restaurants showcase the versatility of beans.

Gazedibles: Trendsetting

The ability to connect with sustainable and local products is becoming more and more important for conscientious diners. Trends point to more restaurants offering mindfully sourced products.

Gazedibles: Bounty of bubbles

Whether it’s technically champagne or sparkling wine, there’s no better way to celebrate the upcoming new year and the revelatory spirit of the holiday season than a glass (or bottle) of some bubbly. These seven spots have plenty of bubbly options.

Gazedibles: Season’s greetings

Even though modern technology allows most ingredients to be available year-round, there’s nothing like eating products that are in season, and that can be difficult during winter months. These seven dishes highlight seasonal ingredients.

Gazedibles: Warm up

December is when the cold really starts to set in, and the idea of facing a few months of the cold can be tough, but luckily we’ve got food to give you company. These seven restaurants have dishes that will fill you up and warm your soul.

Gazedibles: Cookie jar

Keep your cookie jar well-stocked this holiday season in advance of Santa’s arrival with inventive and comforting selections from these seven establishments. By Jacob Threadgill with provided and Gazette / file photos

Gazedibles: Holiday cleanse

It can be easy just to let things go between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Avoid overdoing it during the holidays by enjoying a healthy option at one of these restaurants.


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