Ghostlight closes the deal with a production of David Mamet's 'Glengarry Glen Ross' 

tegrity of an expert vocalist singing Schubert. Here would be a good point to cite an example, but it is impossible to find a sentence in the profanity-laced script that is quotable in this newspaper.

This production shows how open to wide interpretation Mamet's dialogue is. David Mays as Moss is menacing, when he could be seething and subversive. Chris Rodgers as Roma is frenetic, when he could be cooly seductive. Rob May as Aaronow modulates between various levels of disturbingly crazed.

Reasonable people may disagree about how actors interpret roles, but in this production, each actor seems to have a point of view about his character, and performs the part consistently throughout. However an actor plays the role, the characters in "Glengarry Glen Ross" must be believable to the audience at all times.

Christopher Robinson gives a fine performance as the office manager, especially in a late confrontational scene with Levene. Chris Crane as Lingk is highly effective in a role that has few lines.

Director Lance Garrett keeps the show moving apace. Actually, the production might benefit if he pulled back on the reins a time or two. The show runs only about 90 minutes, including intermission.

"Glengarry" is staged at Ghostlight's new storefront theater, which seats about 45 audience members. So far, so good with the new venue "? an improvement over its previous performance space in an art gallery on Paseo.

In a program note, Ghostlight promises to produce "edgy, artistically driven plays and musicals" with the "primary intention of producing quality, thought provoking" theater. In its first two seasons, its productions have been edgy and provoked thoughts. Let's hope they keep it up.

Glengarry Glen Ross stages at 8 p.m. Friday-Saturday through Aug. 15 at Ghostlight Theatre Club, 3110 N. Walker.

"?Larry Laneer

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