Golden Graham 

Graham is the CEO of Graham Industries, a company that specializes in these very different areas. Although Graham said people have compared his company’s ventures to being “‘James Bond’-like,” it isn’t located under a volcano or an undisclosed island like an elusive hideout. It is located in a quiet office building in Bethany with no armed henchmen guarding the doors.

In 2002, Graham started the business after adapting his first venture, a janitorial company, to cleaning biological and hazardous materials. He and his crew began cleaning up crime scenes, which inspired biological research. It was time to fulfill another niche.

“Everyone here has a passion they want to fulfill, and each one of the companies we have here at Graham Industries has been my desire to fulfill, whether it’s in the dental industry, water filtration or biological research,” he said.

Graham launched a biological research initiative and opened a dental laboratory in 2005. His crew developed antimicrobial products to protect dental prosthetics and common household surfaces from bacteria. They also developed a personal water filter that looks like a straw that works as the user drinks.

Before long, Graham decided it was time to morph his company again. Graham Industries began researching and creating customized concealed weaponry.

“Besides the added security for carrying a weapon, there is nothing fun about it,” Graham said. “They are extremely heavy and dig into your hip. Our goal is to make everyday products into something you can use to defend yourself.”

The Oklahoma Firearms Act states the “design, marketing, manufacturing, or sale of firearms or ammunition to the public is not an unreasonably dangerous activity and does not constitute a nuisance.” Graham said his company only operates within the law and does not create weapons with “sawed-off” barrels or automatic firing capabilities.

Because of the variety of products offered, office manager Samantha Finley said the business has created relationships outside of the state, but doesn’t forget its services here at home.

“Our biggest market is Oklahoma because we are in Oklahoma, especially (because of our) dental and antimicrobial services,” Finley said. “People purchased our individual filters and donated them during the Haiti earthquake and the Australian floods.”

Graham said the evolving company is seeking applicants for another branch he is looking to launch in the future.

“Months from now, this won’t be the same company,” Graham said. “In the last few years, we went from crime scene clean-up to being the largest privately owned dental lab in Oklahoma, and holding very unique products for the community. Soon this will be the place to go for research and development.”

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